Hot spot Nowy Jork i Chicago – pomysł na rodzinne wakacje?

Nowy Jork i Chicago z dziećmi? Zwiedzanie Wielkiego Jabłka i Miasta Wiatrów w gronie rodzinnym to świetny pomysł. Oba miejsca oferują...

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30.05.2022 | 3319

Travel Chicago – the city of art and the tyrannosaurus Sue

The frosty breeze from Lake Michigan does not encourage long walks through the streets of Chicago in winter. However, there is no shortage of...

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11.01.2022 | 2396

Airport Flash American Airlines w Krakowie

Od maja przyszłego roku w letniej siatce połączeń Kraków Airport znajdzie się oferta amerykańskich linii lotniczych American Airlines....

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09.08.2019 | 3079

Airport Flash #flyKRK to Chicago twice a week

Starting today, passnegers can fly to Chicago directly from Kraków twice a week. LOT will be offering Monday and Friday flights on this route,...

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06.07.2018 | 3978

Airport Flash Kraków Airport – 101 routes and plans for 2018

Over 5 million passengers served with 101 routes and 20 carriers last year. Return of the connection to Chicago. New carriers: EL AL and Ukraine ...

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12.02.2018 | 3294

Be my guest Chicago in the rhythm of The Smashing Pumpkins

Located in Illinois, Chicago has a remarkable musical tradition from blues clubs in the 30s and 40s, through a developed dance and house scene...

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25.06.2017 | 4937

Airport Flash LOT took off from Kraków to Chicago

On July 3, 2017, PLL LOT launched direct flights between Kraków and Chicago – a connection which citizens of Kraków, Małopolska and the...

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25.08.2017 | 3576

Hot spot Hawaii – the heavenly state

Hawaii and Alaska are the only two states that are not directly connected with the rest of the USA. The Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is...

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27.04.2017 | 4643