Hot spot On the trail of Arabian nature

The United Arab Emirates is generally perceived as a sparkling, futuristic enclave of glass and steel, resplendent with glitter in the middle of ...

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27.01.2023 | 429

Airport Flash To Dubai with Wizz Air

In February 2022, Wizz Air will launch a new connection from Krakow to Dubai. The flights will be operating twice a week – on Fridays and...

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28.12.2021 | 850

Good practice EXPO 2020 for a common future

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future – this is the motto of the global Expo, which is held in Dubai this year. Over 190 countries present the ...

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10.12.2021 | 1118

Travel One look at Dubai

Dubai, with its fantastic architecture and ubiquitous luxury, intimidates and fascinates everyone who visits this almost utopian metropolis. How ...

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11.06.2021 | 1943

Business zone Business potential of Dubai

Dubai is actively and successfully attracting international business. Although this development began with the discovery of oil deposits in the...

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14.08.2018 | 5878

Dossier To Dubai and further…

Dubai is a great airline hub, from which you can fly to Asia, Africa and the...

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12.09.2018 | 2963

Dossier Dubai with a family

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Dubai is like a big playground, which is why the city is an ideal holiday spot for families....

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21.08.2018 | 4200


What and when is happening in Dubai? We have prepared a city's calendar where there is no time for boredom - for those seeking entertainment,...

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06.10.2018 | 2836