A spherical camera allows you to record everything that is happening around it in real time. In practice, during a family or company meeting, you have the opportunity to film the participants without running around the room. You simply put the camera in the center of events, and it records everything around – together with the sound. This type of camera is gaining popularity especially among travelers, as it allows quickly and simply creating original holiday material.

 Garmin VIRB360

This Swiss company, known for its navigation devices, makes its debut on the spherical camera market with the Garmin VIRB360 model. It has set the bar very high for competitors by offering the highest quality of recordings up to 5.7K. You can watch the edited video immediately on the small screen the camera is equipped with. The device is impact resistant and waterproof. It is equipped with spherical image stabilization, built-in four microphones and sensors, thanks to which information about speed, altitude, location etc. can be added to the video. The camera can be controlled using a smartphone with iOS or Android via application.

Ricoh Theta V

Thanks to four built-in microphones, this camera records video in 4K quality as well as spatial sound. The video system consists of two cameras that are as close to each other as possible, thus minimizing “artifacts” resulting from the digital combination of the image from two cameras. Theta V will easily fit in your pocket. Users can send their videos directly to popular websites, while Bluetooth and wireless LAN ensure a permanent connection with smartphone and control via an application available on iOS and Android.

GoPro Fusion

It has an image quality of up to 5.2K, advanced image stabilization and surround sound. The OverCapture function allows setting the default viewer’s movement path in 360 degrees (“virtual cameraman”) in the editing process. This ensures that the viewer will see what you want them to see in the frame, and that they will choose the most important shots. Moreover, you can record in ProTune mode, which saves the raw image without processing it by GPUs. The camera is waterproof to the depth of 5m, as well as has comfortable voice control and provides communication via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.