On the 19th of November 2018 Kraków Airport greeted its passenger no. 6 million for the first time in history. Thereby, Kraków Airport became the first regional airport to serve 6 million passengers within one calendar year.

Passenger no. 6 million who travelled #flyKRK was Anna, who flew to Chicago via LOT. At Kraków Airport she was greeted by: Radosław Włoszek, CEO at Kraków Airport, Adrian Kubicki, Director Corporate Communications at LOT Polish Airlines, and Krzysztof Mazur, Director of the Kraków branch of LS Airport Services.
Anna received a surprise reward from LOT Polish Airlines, i.e. a voucher for two to fly in Premium Economy class to any destination in Europe (from among the flights offered by the carrier). Kraków Airport rewarded Anna with a set of gadgets and the option to use the VIP service. The remaining passengers of this #flyKRK flight to Chicago were also handed some sweets.