The flavours of Agadir cuisine are dominated by diversity. You can find there a lot of colours and aromas typical of Moroccan dishes, strong French and Spanish influences and a whole range of dishes from beloved cuisines from all around the world.

The uniqueness of Moroccan cuisine lies in its ability to emphasize and extract the essence of the ingredients used. It involves a lot of aromatic spices and herbs, which Arabic dishes are famous for. Combined with the taste of meats, vegetables and cereals, they create a perfect synergy. Many tourists who have tasted Agadir cuisine at least once want to come back to try them.

Olives and grapes

When talking about Moroccan cuisine, not only the richness of spices, the popularity of various meats, fish and seafood, but also couscous and various types of bread, undoubtedly need to be mentioned as well. This is an image usually captured on a large screen, but incomplete. Moroccan cuisine is a combination of Berber (North African), Sub-Saharan, but also Mediterranean, French and Spanish flavours.

In Agadir, you should not be surprised by French-type baguettes next to excellent wheat bread baked on hot stones. You will also come across places specializing in European breakfasts adjacent to restaurants where aromatic Arabic pastes are served together with loaves of bread, which will serve as cutlery. It is worth noting that pizza made in Agadir can be as delicious as tagine (Moroccan stew) and none of these dishes loses their authenticity. This is due to the already mentioned complexity of Moroccan cuisine, rooted in so many cultures. Thanks to this wealth of flavours, everyone will surely find something in Agadir that they will especially like.

Let’s go to the port

Agadir is a port city by the Atlantic Ocean where fishing is one of the largest sectors of the economy. Here you will find the freshest fish and seafood that were caught on the same morning. To the right of the port gate, there are booths and pavilions that combine the functions of a fish market and a diner. You point at what you want to eat and soon grilled delicious dishes appear on your plate. The most popular fish are sardines, mackerels, anchovies, sardinellas and horse mackerels. In the port restaurants, you can also find delicious shrimps and calamari. Seafood is most often served in crust batter, deep-fried. All dishes are served with fresh vegetables or other side dishes (olives, breads, salads) and excellent additions (hot paste based on chili pepper and garlic – harissa, olive oil or spices such as cumin, caraway and coriander).

Street or Souk food?

The Moroccan bazaar is a great place to absorb the culture of this country. On the stalls you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, spices and teas, tableware, tajine dishes, leather products, household chemicals, carpets and Arabic cosmetics containing argan oil, as well as bargaining customers, cordial sellers, an abundance of fragrances and colours, and the most authentic hustle and bustle of daily life in Morocco.

The souks in Agadir are also a place full of steaming pots and tajines, as well as grills that fill the market with appetizing aromas. One of the most characteristic dishes of Morocco is the tajine (tagine) prepared in a special earthenware vessel of the same name. It is a kind of goulash made of long stewed meat and vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, peppers, onions), with the addition of fruit (dried apricots, dates, plums) and Moroccan spices. It is usually served with almonds, pickled lemons and olives. Among street food dishes, there is delicious harira – a meat soup with pods and harissa. Be sure to try el rghaif – savoury pancakes with lamb bacon, various sandwiches, and pitas with meat, fresh vegetables and pickles, as well as… juices. They are made from fruits ripening in the Moroccan sun, which makes them delicious.