“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Savile Row suit”. This sentence expressed by Ian Fleming, the creator of the character James Bond, clearly demonstrates the enormous role of this small accessory.

Despite our inseparable relationship with the mobile phone, which took over the function of a timekeeping device, we have not said goodbye to watches. On the contrary, today they play the even more important role of our wrist accessory and a fine complement to one’s stylization. A wide range of unique watches from domestic manufacturers means that we can always stay original.

Still a watch or jewellery?

MIUGO was created thanks to the creative work of a young married couple from Saska Kępa. Kasia, a fan of minimalistic designs with a simple pattern, and Patryk, an enthusiast of unique materials and interesting technical solutions, have decided to combine their interests. As a result, they created watches that stand out with their subtle elegance and durable finish. The brand’s offer includes three models of timers – LOVE, GO and MIU.
The basis of each of them is a durable case made of good quality stainless steel. The individually selected colour of the dial and the type of strap allow creating a personalized watch. The watch is easy to wear thanks to a system of independent replacement of straps and bracelets. With it, you can easily change the design of your watch and adapt it to any styling – you can have as many solutions as there are colours of stripes!

Precision sealed in wood

Wooden watches are a concept that has recently conquered the market of these devices in Poland. Consumers are increasingly appreciating products created in accordance with global environmental standards and produced not on a massive scale. This idea was also favoured by two brothers from Silesia – Piotr and Jacek, who for their passion for nature, decided to create timepieces without harming the environment. This is how the Neat brand was born, together with watches that are made of wood, leather, cotton, wool, cashmere and linen.
As indicated in their name (Neat), watches are made with attention to the smallest elements. Designers use several types of wood (mainly maple and plane) to make models of watch cases. The diversity of the raw material provides a wide range of colours for wooden cases. The brothers also offer a choice of shades of dials and stripes. It is worth mentioning the commitment of the creators of the brand: each watch sold results in three trees planted by them.

With a historic motif

Błonie is a brand well remembered by our fathers and grandparents, who proudly wore consecutive models: “Baltic”, “Błonie”, “Dukat”, “Lech” or “Wars”. The current brand owners are a team of Polish artists, led by the desire to cultivate native watchmaking traditions. Subsequent models show that incorporating Polish spirit in the form of national symbols was also important for the designers. The new owners of the company in the first edition focused on the classic watch of the 1960s. The model refers to the once famous Zodiac watch. The designers took from it e.g. indexes, lines crossing a 40-millimetre dial and colours. It is no wonder that the limited 500 pieces found their buyers very quickly.
As far as the case of the second model is concerned, it was inspired by the history of 302 Squadron. The dial of the WX302 model symbolizes the shape of an aircraft sight. Hands, in turn, have the shape of the propeller of a Spitfire aircraft that took part in air combat. This motif was also used on the back of the watch, where the planeshaped rotor was placed. As the producers say: – The process of creating and designing the watch was consulted, among others, with Robert Gretzyngier, the co-founder of the Historical Foundation of Polish Aviation. As a result, the new model of the legendary Polish brand not only indicates the time, but also reliably tells one of the heroic chapters of the history of Polish aviation.