Anyone who regularly practices jogging or running appreciates solutions that allow to monitor one’s progress. That is why runners eagerly use not only running apps but also gadgets. Here are some of the most interesting ones.



This app is used by over 45 million runners around the world, who treat it as a personal, pocket-sized trainer. With it, you can implement a training plan, check your records, monitor achievements, as well as share photos and the history of running workouts with friends. Runkeeper+ can be connected with, among others Fitbit. Both applications can be downloaded from Play Store or AppStore.

Running Distance Trucker+

A popular application among runners for both Android and iOS devices, which monitors the most important parameters such as speed, distance travelled and calories burned. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Users can simultaneously access music player and listen to voice feedback during the training, which helps maintain the planned pace.

Navime Sport Tracker

This application allows you to save sports activities and view split readings for each kilometre of your run. In addition, you have access to altitude and speed charts that facilitate the effectiveness of training. What’s more, the moment of recording a run or a walk can be delayed as desired, e.g. to take into account the time of putting the phone in a pocket or a backpack. The application is available for devices with Android.

Sigma PC 15.11 heart rate monitor

It is a modern, waterproof measuring device that combines several functions. Not only does it measure the pulse, but can also be used as a stopwatch and a classic watch. It facilitates adaptation of trainings to your abilities thanks to an audible alarm that informs when you are running too slow or too fast. The heart rate monitor comes in several colours and includes a flexible chest band. It costs about PLN 150-200.

Wireless headphones

Many runners cannot imagine doing workouts or participating in competitions without listening to music. For such people, Bose SoundSport wireless and waterproof headphones are a convenient solution. Their patented StayHear tips adapt to the shape of your ears. The built-in microphone allows you to receive calls, while a remote makes it easy to change tracks. Similarly to Sigma PC 15.11, the headphones are available in several colours. They cost about PLN 450.