For the Aztecs and the Mayas cacao beans were as precious as gold. They were used both as legal tender and luxurious delicacy for the elites. One might say that history has come full circle, as recently there has been observed a plethora of brands offering exclusive chocolate products appearing on the market.

“Luxury product” – although this term is mostly associated with exclusive cars, cloths, or beverages, deluxe brands also appear in the food segment. Exclusive, handmade chocolate bars and pralines made with the use of the traditional techniques are steadily gaining popularity. Chocolate manufacturers from Małopolska offer not simple sweets, but true masterpieces that consist of both unique flavour and history.

A bite of history

Kraków Chocolate Manufacture is located in the heart of the city. It’s a place that amazes with unforgettable flavours of handmade Lviv pralines and legendary Cracovian chocolate. The manufacture’s offer is not limited to traditional chocolate bars
and chocolates, but also includes chocolate figurines and cakes – each with a bite of history concealed within. The company also organizes workshops, where participants may learn how to make their own sweets.

Honouring tradition

Tradition and going back to roots are also the leitmotivs of original, aromatic Belgian chocolate produced by Cortez. Its name is a tribute to the first European who discovered and appreciated the value of Aztec chocolate – Hernán Cortés. The brand offers both exclusive chocolate bars and hot chocolate for individual preparation.
In order to discover new taste sensations, Cortez chocolate masters use old, proven recipes to mix Polish fruits and herbs, thus creating unconventional, surprising combinations. After all, chocolate with chili pepper was appreciated even by the Aztec rulers!

Chocolate heritage

At the beginning, chocolate was only known in a form of a drink. The first chocolate bar was made in 1849 and put its liquid sister out of competition for a long time. Nowadays, however, the latter is once again gaining popularity – mainly thanks to luxurious chocolate cafes that follow the pre-war traditions.
It was Karol Wedel, the creator of the oldest Polish chocolate brand he named E. Wedel, who introduced Polish people to the world of hot chocolate in 1815. In Kraków, the Wedel chocolate cafe is located in the main square. Apart from exceptional hot chocolate, the cafe also serves exclusive, handmade pralines made under the watchful eye of chocolate maestro Janusz Profus.