Its history goes far back into the past – it is enough to mention that this is where the border of the Roman Empire ran. Today, Doncaster is a dynamically developing industrial city, which, thanks to its location in the charming Yorkshire region, is also a popular tourist destination.

Doncaster, called Donny for short, is a city of over 100 thousand residents, with quite a large number of Poles – our countrymen form a harmonious community and organize a lot of cultural and sports events (you can support, for example, female and male basketball teams). As an important industrial centre, Doncaster attracts with many job offers. However, this is not all this city has to offer.
Peak District, Yorkshire
Peak District, Yorkshire

For lovers of fortifications

If you only have a few days to visit the city, your list should definitely include monuments that testify to its centuries-old history. One of the perfect examples of medieval architecture in the Normandy style, characterized by monumentalism and geometric ornaments, is Conisbrough Castle. The fortification on the hill surrounded by a rampart offers a view of the former city centre. The second castle in the area (more precisely, a motte-and-bailey castle) is Tickhill Castle, and those who have a chance to visit it can call themselves very lucky. Today, the property is in private hands and is available to visitors only one day a year, for exactly 150 minutes!

History engraved in old walls

You will full experience the atmosphere of old England when visiting palaces and representative buildings. The very centre features Mansion House, whereas, Brodsworth Hall and Cusworth Hall can be found in a vast park that attracts walkers who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Each floor of these residences houses exhibitions that will allow you to learn what the life of both aristocrats and servants in this type of Victorian mansion looked like in the past.
However, if you are looking for more contemporary attractions, especially those that may interest the whole family, then the obligatory point of your trip will be the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with over 400 animals from 70 species – including tigers, polar bears and lions.
Brodsworth Hall, Yorkshire

My kingdom for a horse!

The British associate Doncaster first and foremost with horse racing – this tradition dates back to the 16th century (a map from 1595 already included a racing track). Fans of this entertainment flock to Doncaster mainly for two famous events that are some of the oldest races in Great Britain: the Doncaster Cup (established in 1766) and the St Leger Stakes (which was first held in 1776). The latter is always accompanied in September by the famous four-day William Hill St Leger Festival (11-14 September 2019). The event is an excellent opportunity to learn about an important part of British culture and to soak into the unique atmosphere that accompanies racing. When going there, remember to wear an elegant outfit – ladies must have a hat!
wyścigi konne w Doncaster

Men in tights

Speaking of horses, it is impossible not to mention the person with whom the history of Doncaster is connected. Robin Hood, the hero of medieval folk legends who, together with his comrades, robbed the rich roaming the Sherwood forest, was also active in the area of Barnsdales – today’s Doncaster district (at least so says the ballad “A Gest of Robyn Hode” from the beginning of the 16th century). Another well-known personality associated with Donny is the writer and poet Walter Scott. During his stay in this area, he wrote “Ivanhoe” – a historical novel set in South Yorkshire (which also features Robin Hood).

Discover the beauty of the county

When in the Yorkshire region, it is worth visiting, even for a short time, nearby towns. Leeds is a great place for shopping, York is a true paradise for lovers of monuments, whereas the spa town Harrogate offers relaxation inside the historic Turkish baths. It may also be a great idea to skip the cities and walk through the picturesque moors, fields or highlands of the Peak District National Park. In this area, time passes more slowly, and with a little imagination, you will easily feel like the characters from the book “Wuthering Hills” or the series “Downtown Abbey”.
City of York