Environmental awareness is on the rise, which is why consumers are more eager to buy eco-friendly products. Their expectations are met by Polish designers who make sure that ecological design will permeate all areas of life in accordance with “slow life” philosophy.

By surrounding ourselves with things made of natural materials, we can prevent negative changes from taking place in the environment and enhance the quality of our lives. Following this ecological way of thinking, Polish designers have started using natural, durable, and, what is most important, recyclable materials in their works. Wood fits this trend perfectly – completely ecological, extremely durable, strong and astonishingly beautiful.

Foto: Hop Design
Foto: Happy Wood

Not only furniture…

There are a lot of ways to use wood and designers from Małopolska use this extremely versatile material for interior design, creation of original furniture or even toys – they create products that facilitate creativity and eco-friendly attitude in children.
The new aspect of wood usage in design is promoted by companies such as: Happy Wood, Zlasu, Hop Design, Lukka, Hoho Studio or Rzeczy same shop in Kraków that associates Polish designers.

The praise of nature

The designers of Zlasu brand specialize in, among others, designing tables and coffee tables that delight with the natural beauty of oak wood, which is very often combined with refined stainless steel. HOP Design stands out among other companies thanks to strong regional patriotism
that is exhibited in using the experience of Polish designers, tradition of the dying professions and love of wood to their fullest. Particular attention should be given to the lamps designed by the company, e.g. “Totem” – a lamp that consists of threaded wooden beads in a shape of an original sculpture.

With a pinch of salt

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about wood as a material that should replace plastic in children’s toys. The offer of Happy Wood company includes, among others, blocks, animals, cars or dollhouses not only made of wood but also painted with ecological lacquers. This in turn, makes them safe for children and the environment. Another example is Lukka, a small workshop in Kraków
and a dream of Małgorzata Bojanowska, a designer who wanted to create smart, beautiful, and eco-friendly toys. Another company that follows this principle is Studio HOHO that creates unique, handmade blocks. It is thanks to them that children of any age can get to know Polish kings, the most important artists of the twentieth century and superheroes, or even…build a big Napoleon’s army from blocks.