Over the last decade, the IT, business and technology industries have changed Kraków almost beyond recognition. Accompanying the new, business-focused character of the city are not only interesting employment offers, but also more advanced technologies and business processes.

At the 3rd European Congress of Local Governments held in Kraków on 27 March 2017, the heads of industry’s leading companies discussed the relations between the city and business, referring to several key areas that, in their opinion, were greatly affected by the industry (infrastructure, business networking and the so-called “connectivity”, as well as economic development and new skills in the labour market). Kraków of today is a business magnet that attracts not only Polish people.

From competition to cooperation

The development of this sector has changed the city more than it may seem. The IT, business and technology industries offer workplaces for over 60 thousand employees in Karków alone, while employment rate systemically increases by 19-21% per year. This translates not only into modern office buildings, revitalized neighbourhoods, increased demand for hotel, airport and public transport services and the interest in educational or cultural events. It also concerns taxes and income of more than 60 thousand employees who earn up to several percent more than employees working in comparable positions in other industries. What’s more, the sector has managed to build an effective, authentic network of cooperation and experience exchange between companies that should by all rights be aggressively competing with each other. Just a decade ago, almost every new player in the market was seen as a competitor. Today, there is a sense of community, strength and synergy that have allowed the industry to become the most effective driving force for further investments, services and technology.


The new horizon: evolution or revolution?

Kraków ASPIRE association already unites over 180 companies from the industry. Every year, over 2000 participants attend its conferences. This year’s 7th edition will be held on 9 May in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre and will host a number of esteemed guests, who will share their enormous experience concerning the main topic of the conference. The majority of guests are famous economists, lawyers, enthusiasts of new technologies, city planners, artists, ambassadors and ministers – inspiring personas, whose activities reflect the association’s motto of “act local, win global”. This year’s conference will be attended by, among others, Janis Warufakis, Jim Lawless and Rasmus Ankersen. For years the patronage over the conference has been held by the President of Kraków, the Province Marshal and the Governor of Małopolska.

Brand Ambassadors

Kraków attracts young people as both a leading tourist and business destination. Andrew Hallam, General Secretary of ASPIRE, emphasizes that Kraków has become a truly international employer. With its IT, business and technology services, the city represents over 60 thousand young ambassadors who travel around the world. They have succeeded not only in effective rejuvenation of the image of Kraków, but also in making the city a centre for multilingual communication. Modern entrepreneurship requires favourable conditions. True success and global brands are born in a mature, intelligent ecosystem, not in the vacuum and due to wishful thinking.