Ecology, energy efficiency, renewable raw materials – these are the possible foundations for ecological business. How do companies from Małopolska do it?

The rising environmental awareness of Polish people affects the development of the market towards a more pro-environmental direction. An increasing number of companies start to understand the need to create new products and services that are based on sustainable development, renewable resources, and energy-efficient solutions. We present companies from Małopolska whose products combine innovations with ecology.

Environmentally friendly lighting

One the most popular ways of caring for the environment is the usage of energy saving devices by both consumers and businesses. An example of an innovator in this industry is Miloo Electronics – one of the biggest manufacturers of LED lighting in Poland. The company focuses on not only production and sale of environmentally friendly lighting devices for industrial halls or shopping centres, but it is also advancing research in the development of LED technology. 
Currently, Miloo Electronics plans to develop their offer of street lighting, based on proprietary technology patented last year. The absolutely innovative, three-phase LED power supply is characterized by better parameters than the currently used solutions. The company from Stary Wiśnicz is also planning to spend PLN 15 million on its launch, with a part of the sum coming from the EU funds.

Intelligent benches powered by the sun

SEEDiA uses renewable resources to create products that excellently fit the “smart cities” trend. This startup from Kraków has created solar powered benches that can charge your mobile phone as well as provide you with information about the weather… and smog. Thanks to solar benches, you can also determine pedestrian traffic and display interactive advertisements. Solar benches are already available in Warszawa and Tarnobrzeg. They are intended to be used in parks, office buildings and shopping centres.
Thanks to cooperation with Artur Racicki, founder of Social Wi-Fi, the benches also serve as hotspots. The company plans to introduce heated models in winter. All this with the use of solar energy and no CO2 emissions.Kraków Airport is a strategic partner of the KPT ScaleUp accelerator, which is implemented by the Kraków Technology Park. This allows for the cooperation between SEEDiA company and a team of Kraków Airport’s specialists while the project of solar-powered benches will be developed with the notion of using them at airports in mind.

Science in the service of energy-efficient construction

The development of energy-efficient construction is not only a part of the regional government strategy (including Kraków authorities), but also a necessity imposed by legislation. After 2021, newly built buildings will have to meet much higher standards than the current ones, therefore the works on new technologies that will make it possible are already in progress.This is one of the purposes for the creation of the Małopolska Region Centre for Energy Efficient Building, a unique research institute whose offer is addressed to construction material producers, designers and developers, at Cracow University of Technology.
The centre is located in a modern building – “a living building” whose glass walls and interiors can be replaced and reconstructed if necessary. The building is fully automated, powered by energy from a variety of sources, including renewable sources.Companies and R&D institutes from Małopolska have the chance to shape the domestic and international market thanks to development of innovative and ecological solutions. Polish companies strengthen their competitiveness at, among others, the Hannover Messe 2017, which took place at the end of April and was attended by Miloo Electronics and SEEDiA. The near future will show if their solutions conquer other countries.