A decision to build a new runway, World Youth Days, Routes Europe 2016 and ensuring the operation continuity of the modernized airport terminal – these are the most important events and challenges of the past year at Kraków Airport.

In 2016 Kraków Airport…

  • declared a decision on a key development investment for Kraków Airport – construction of a new runway;
  • serviced approximately five million passengers, including Pope Francis, who, like 40 thousand of pilgrims, travelled by plane to World Youth Days;
  • hosted Routes Europe 2016 – currently the biggest European forum and meeting of representatives of airlines, airports and tourist industry. Kraków welcomed a record number of 1261 delegates (20% more in comparison to previous Routes Europe conferences);
  • completed modernization and extension of passenger terminal: 55 000 m2 surface area, including 4200 m2 of commercial zones; 18 waiting areas (gates), 9 security check stands, 46 check-in desks, 30 commercial and service outlets;
  • opened a new car park which can accommodate: 853 passenger cars, 10 buses, 20 bicycles or scooters, and the first animal enclosure at an airport in Poland;
  • signed an agreement on implementation of navigation procedures based on GBAS (Ground Based Augmentation System), which uses satellite technology to support navigation system of air traffic control at Kraków Airport. In the future, GBAS and ILS systems will be simultaneously available at Kraków Airport;
  • published a free of charge mobile application that is fully integrated with the airport information system. It has been downloaded by almost 4.2 thousand users from all around of world;
  • can proudly say that its firefighter team from The Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting services (ARFF) is the first team working within the National Emergency and Fire System (NFRS), which means that they can provide help also outside the airport.