Connecting Minds, Creating the Future – this is the motto of the global Expo, which is held in Dubai this year. Over 190 countries present the latest, innovative and dynamic solutions in line with the idea of sustainable development.

 For nearly 250 years, world exhibitions have presented the greatest achievements of humanity in the fields of culture, science and technology. The first edition took place in London in 1751. However, it is recognized that the true history of Expo began 100 years later with the Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations opened on May 1, 1851 in London, in the Crystal Palace built especially for this occasion. The monumentality of these events is best evidenced by the fact that the Eiffel Tower was built especially for the world exhibition in Paris. 

Development strategy

Expo 2020 in Dubai is the historically first edition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. This year, special emphasis is placed on the idea of sustainable development.

We strive to have a positive impact on the environment on a national, regional and global scale – the organizers declare. – Sustainable development is included in all aspects of Expo 2020, simultaneously extending beyond the six months of the exhibition and inspiring millions of visitors to confirm their commitment to environmental protection.

In September 2015, at the UN summit, which was attended by 193 member states, a new agenda “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, containing a total of 17 goals and 169 tasks, was adopted. We must work to make it a reality in the life of every person in the world – summarized the then UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Wizualizacja Pawilonu Polski EXPO 2020 Dubai fot. Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu

Achieve goals through innovation

Expo 2020 announces many technological innovations used to achieve sustainable development goals by generating clean energy, reducing water consumption, promoting natural solutions, minimizing carbon dioxide emissions, using sustainable building materials, reducing waste and improving awareness.

By choosing such a subject, the organizers would like to emphasize that solving the largest global problems is beyond the reach of one country or region, therefore it is worth working together, regardless of latitude, institutional barriers or cultural differences, to achieve success – emphasize the organizers of the Polish pavilion at Expo.

Sustainable Development Pavilion

The Terra Pavilion has been specially designed for the Expo in Dubai by the architectural company Grimshaw Architects, based in London. The facility is to meet the LEED Platinum certification criteria. The LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) allows the assessment of buildings in terms of their “environmental performance” – aspects such as energy efficiency of the building or the use of ecological construction materials are taken into account. LEED Platinum is the highest level possible. Visitors to Terra will learn about innovative global projects providing real solutions that will help preserve our planet for future generations.

Poland in Dubai

Our country has been an active participant in EXPO for years. This year, apart from building the pavilion and preparing the exhibition, there are  numerous accompanying programs. Poland presents itself as a strong cooperation centre that, through the development of science, offers the world sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies inspired by nature. Over these six months, almost 1,000 events of various kinds organized in the Poland Pavilion will take place at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The complete story about Poland consists of five sections, corresponding to the five zones of the Poland Pavilion: “Inspired by nature”, “A home for creativity”, “Spirit of ingenuity”, “Land of plenty”, “Landscapes of creativity”. In each of them, the theme of mobility, proposed by the Exhibition organizer is to be found – in relation to people, ideas, culture or technology. The slogan of the Polish Pavilion is “Creativity inspired by nature”  – the characteristic wooden facade and a kinetic sculpture symbolizing a flock of birds, as well as a spectacular, artistic multimedia installation entitled “The Polish Table” reflect this motto.

 We want to show a multidimensional presentation of technologies and companies representing strategic industries from the point of view of export potential to the Middle East markets, and thus a real increase in business transactions. Poland is expanding the two official themes of the exhibition – sustainable development and mobility – in three aspects: technology, international cooperation and nature. – say coordinators of the EXPO Dubai 2020 project at the Polish Investment and Trade Agency S.A.