Finance management is a matter of utmost importance, especially when travelling. Regardless of the way you travel around the world or the amount of money you spend, it is worth taking a look at some useful apps that will help you manage your budget everywhere you go.

Finance apps are very useful travel assistants – with their help, you can track currency rates, control your budget and more and more frequently make payments at online and traditional shops. The following apps will automate your activities, so that you can enjoy your holiday.

XE Currency

An app available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry OS. A universal currency converter that updates currency rates in real time. You can observe charts showing exchange rate changes, create price alerts, and follow exchange rates of currencies you use. An additional asset of this app is the possibility to use it as a browser plugin or install it on your computer.


An app available for Android and iOS that allows you to manage your traveling budget. After setting its size, you can assign our expenses to a particular category (which is possible even with the use of photos). The app shows your financial dynamics based on the country, currencies, or expenditure type (culture, food, tickets, etc.). It is also equipped with a currency converter.

Bitcoin Wallet/Blockchain

Its name varies depending on the system (Android or iOS). This simple app is one of the increasingly popular “wallet” programmes that allows you to store information about the bitcoins you buy. Bitcoin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency in the world so it may be worth having it as emergency funds, especially when travelling. With this app, you can keep track of the bitcoin exchange rates and pay using QR codes.