Ancona and the Marche region are considered to be the essence of everything that is Italian. You can find there a Mediterranean climate, great cuisine, pearls of sacred architecture such as the Church of San Francesco delle Scale or the medieval Cathedral of St. Cyriacus, great views and beautiful beaches.


Ancona was founded by Syracuse Greeks in 387 B.C. For the next two centuries, the city remained a thriving Greek colony, which was transformed into a municipium, an area located on the territory of Italy conquered by the Roman Empire.


The port of Ancona is one of the most important in the Mediterranean. It has ferry connections with, among others, Greece, Croatia and Turkey. In the Middle Ages, the city was able to compete for influence with the leading Venetian Republic.


In the Marche region – apart from the sandy beaches and turquoise Adriatic water – there is also the Monti Sibillini National Park, with the Grande Anello dei Sibillini trail, which is about 120 kilometres long, running along it. You can traverse it on foot or a mountain bike.


Ancona lies in close vicinity to Riviera Del Conero, with a coastline of about 20 kilometers. On this extremely picturesque Mediterranean coast surrounded by rocky mountains lies Sirolo, a resort with great restaurants specializing in fish and seafood, beautiful beaches and turquoise water. You can travel from Ancona to Sirolo by public transport buses.


Antica Tipica Trattoria La Morette has been operating in Ancona since 1897. Its menu includes, among others, grilled swordfish steak, prawn stew or tagliatelle with dried cod. Fish and seafood enthusiasts will certainly not be disappointed with culinary traditions of this city by the Adriatic.