The trend to hack Ikea kitchen furniture brings together creative people from all around the world. The concept of original fronts for the Swedish network cabinets has gained recognition in the industry, which is confirmed by the Must Have award at Łódź Design Festival and the 6th place in the ranking of the most creative companies in business organized by ”Brief” magazine.

FRØPT is a young brand founded by two creative citizens of Kraków: Magda Milejska – the creator of the Odwzorowanie design studio, and Kasia Kurowska-Loedl – a communication specialist. The co-founders of the brand entered the world of interiors “starting with the kitchen”. Although both of them did not initially work in interior design and furnishing industry, they have decided to make use of their passion for simple solutions and the skills acquired in advertising agencies to create a new brand by themselves.


The idea for original and personalized fronts was born out of solutions found by the founders in Stockholm. The Swedes, known for the art of moderation in the field of interior design, teach that sophisticated design does not have to go hand in hand with a high price. The brand founders learned the lesson and added an ethical aspect to their business, a fact that is worth taking note of. Thanks to FRØPT fronts, the furniture of Method system gets second life. As the brand creators say themselves: – What we want to create is largely influenced by trav el and the knowledge we acquire during it. Even during a short trip, we try to understand the character of the place, its history and peculiarities as carefully as possible. We are inspired by architecture and art. W hat’s more, we draw inspiration from everyday life that surrounds us, we observe new phenomena and trends that are reflected not only in our industry. For Magda, who at the same time runs Odwzorowanie – an original interior design studio, the source of ideas are customers who often present their own original visions of how to furnish rooms. Instagram is another valuable source of inspiration. As she admits, she follows accounts related not only to design. She focuses primarily on people, observe how they spend their time, where they go, and how they live.


The colour palette of the first Terra collection was inspired by the colours of the earth. It consists of four models with a matte finish: PURE, MODERN, BRUSH and CLASSIC. Each of them is saturated earth colours: Terracotta, Khaki, Sand and Greige. — We are currently selling our second collection, Norwegian Wood. This time, we drew from Japanese aesthetics and emphasized the variability and uniqueness of nature. When working on the design of the new collection, we were stimulated by the world of art. — sculpture and painting.


FRØPT and Odwzorowanie are two separate companies and brands. At Odwzorowanie, Magda designs complex interiors. Everyone can count on her ideas, sense of aesthetics, experience and help when creating the dream space for living. It is natural for Magda’s studio customers to choose frøpts in their kitchens. On the other hand, FRØPT is mainly visited by those who prefer a creative approach towards kitchen design. — First of all, at every stage we try to choose the best quality solutions. And balanced. We do not want to lower the price of the product at the expense of worse materials or “shortcut” production. We want our clients to receive items that will stand the test of time. From the very beginning, the authors want to build positive experiences of customers who evaluate the product and service after the transaction. Only then are they convinced that they have done the job properly from the beginning to the end, and another customer can just brew coffee in their dream kitchen without a care in the world.