Hawaii consists of eight main volcanic islands and many small, hidden islands and atolls that together form 2400 km of a paradise on earth. This place tempts with its stunning landscapes and beaches, endemic nature, pristine blue waters of the ocean and excellent weather throughout the year.

Hawaii and Alaska are the only two states that are not directly connected with the rest of the USA. The Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is still considered as rather extravagant and exotic destination by Polish people, who had to overcome many logistics problems when traveling there. However, thanks to the new connection from Kraków Airport, it is now possible to reach these paradise islands with only one plane change in Chicago. After arriving in Honolulu, the state capital, visitors may choose to stay in the tourist district of the city known as Waikiki. There you can also find a fabulous beach of the same name, considered arguably the most beautiful in the world.

Pacific heaven

Fans of cinema and TV productions, such as “Jurassic Park”, “Avatar” or “Lost” just to name a few, are well aware of the beauty of Hawaii – the islands of the archipelago are the perfect scenery, adored by Hollywood filmmakers. 
It is a place where sandy bays meet with volcanic landscapes, atolls and reefs. One of the must-see attractions is Hanauma Bay, a stunning coral bay created in the crater of a volcano and an ideal dive site.The archipelago, also known as “Pacific heaven”, is also the birthplace of surfing – something you take a stab at when visiting Hawaii. On the other hand, fans of winter fun time may enjoy the snowy slopes of Mauna Kea, one of the highest volcanos in the world. You can also visit the Ho’omaluhia botanical garden or climb the Diamond Head, a mount on O’ahu island located 232 meters above Waikiki Beach (the lucky ones will be able see whales in the ocean), both of which will prove to be unforgettable experiences. The main island of the archipelago is also a place where the historic US naval base
base Pearl Harbor and Polynesian Cultural Centre, “a live museum” of culture and traditions from Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa or Tonga, are located. Moreover, this year marks the first edition of Honolulu Biennale, taking place from 8 March until 8 May, where modern art of regions related to the Pacific Ocean is going to be presented. Hawaii constantly strives to develop its touristic offer so that it attracts tourist not only with its sandy beaches. Nevertheless, no money spent on marketing and touristic attractions can compare with the things making this place such a popular holiday destination. This is due to the fact, that the Hawaiian lifestyle that above all values lack of haste, optimism and zest for life, which the guests also seem to take a liking to, is truly priceless.