International success has not changed their traditional lives and the way they perceive business. The creators of the Wooden Story brand emphasize that they come from the Małopolska mountains and that the beginnings of their family business started five decades ago.

It takes a little bit over one hour’s drive to get from Kraków to Białka, a small village in the Beskids near Maków Podhalański. Inhabitants of these areas have for many years prided themselves on carpentry traditions, with their figurines, cribs or wooden instruments delighting not only tourists. It is here that toys distinguished at Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Maison & Objet in Paris or Salone del Mobile in Milan are created.


In order to learn more about the company’s history, it is necessary to go back to the times of the Beskid carpentry workshop in 1969. Although the name of the company was different at the time, the idea behind it, i.e. creating beautiful and unique objects from Polish wood, has remained unchanged ever since. The grandpa of the current owners – Gosia and Wiesiek Borowy – made blocks, figurines and decorations for furniture. Made with great care blocks and other wooden toys (teethers, stacking toys, as well as toy cars or retro prams for dolls) today are conquering markets around the world – you can find them in the best concept stores in the United States, Japan and Scandinavia.
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What is the secret to the success of Wooden Story? The answer is simple: timeless design, fine materials and heart put into the product. And all of this without cutting corners. Only FSC-certified timber from trusted suppliers is used for production. Deep colours are obtained with natural dyes devoid of toxic substances (for example, curcuma tints yellow, whereas beetroot – pink). The natural texture of wood is emphasized by beeswax and vegetable oils, which give the perfect smoothness. The final product is also smartly packed – cardboard boxes and canvas bags can be re-used or recycled. According to the owners, they have been living in Białka for years, and the forests of the Beskids in Małopolska are a constant inspiration for them.


Several years ago such an approach was a novelty in Poland – cheap accessories from plastic, mostly Chinese production, reigned in warehouses and stores. Few people thought about ecology, whereas wooden blocks seemed to be a relic of the past. However, with time the situation began to change, and customers were increasingly looking for good quality and safe products for their children. Toys from Wooden Story can boast the above-mentioned features, and what is more – they have a soul. Gosia and Wiesiek Borowy emphasize that they care for ecology and environmental protection, and their respect for nature is visible in every hand-made block.


Although the flagship product of the brand are blocks, when looking closer at the company’s offer, you will be delighted with the multitude of shapes that Gosia and Wiesiek turn wood into. The richness of products astonishes especially in the category of blocks – they are engraved with, among others, positive messages (imagine, truth, harmony, love). As a result, the youngest have the opportunity to learn more not only about good Polish design, but also be taught an optimistic approach towards the world.


There is a great demand for Wooden Story products in Poland. However, the owners admit that the vast majority of their toys are exported to foreign markets. The quality costs, and some may be discourage by the price higher than the one of the mass-produced toys. It is worth remembering that the gems of craftsmanship made by Wooden Story are not toys for one season, but for years, and once given to a family, they can become a beautiful souvenir which is passed by from generation to generation.