Provence holds a place of honor in French gastronomic tradition. Here, the pleasures of food and lifestyle merge as one.

The variety of local products can be found in the lively and picturesque markets where people are served with a smile and a southern accent. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, Provençal herbs, cheese and fresh fish straight from the fisherman on the port… the Provençal culinary experience is a journey made of simple and precious products between sea and land.

Poutargue, Prowansja, Francja loty z Krakowa
Poutargue ( ikra ) susząca się w słońcu © D.Marche
Oliwki, kuchnia francuska Prowansja, Francja loty z Krakowa
Olive trees – © R. Cintas – Flores

Not just a table

Beach sheds, terraces…from the domestic lunch to the gastronomic restaurant, every meal is spontaneously imagined outside, “en plein air” on a sunny day, under the shade of a sycamore tree. The atmosphere in exuberant, crowded and festive. The table is much more than a culinary symbol. It represents local habits and costumes, the value of sharing and living together in an ethnic melting pot, the importance of cooking respecting the seasonality.

Prowansja, Francja, #PROSTOzKRAKOWA, Marsylia z Krakowa
Photo by Paul Rysz on Unsplash
kuchnia francuska, Prowansja, Francja loty z Krakowa

Herbes de Provence, aïoli  and  bouillabaisse

Hardly a day goes by without a market happening somewhere in Provence…organic products, fresh delicacies and local specialities are a pleasure for the eyes, the heart and the belly. Markets adorn Provence, just like sea and lavender… They are an integral part of local culture. Held in every town, they offer to inhabitants and producers a regular chance to get together. Among the shiny pottery and Provencal fabrics, you’ll come across sun-packed fruit and vegetables, spices and, of course, Herbes de Provence. A cornerstone of sustainable tourism, they are also the best way to discover the local recipies. Among the most famous, the aïoli, more than a simple garlic sauce, a traditional dish composed of white fish and boiled vegetables. The bouillabaisse, the worldwide famous Marseille’s fish soup, invented by the fisherman who used to make it with the unsold fish of their market. Today the dish has become noble, and you can taste it in the best restaurants in town as it’s reinvented by Michelin chefs.

Street food, Prowansja, Francja loty z krakowa
Panisses – a typical local street food made with fried chickpea flour © A. Barroil
Kuchnia francuska, Marsylia, Francja loty z Krakowa
The navette, a typical biscuit from Marseille © C. Duranti

Provence has got something cooking for next year…

All along the year 2019 the Bouches-du-Rhône territory will be celebrating MPG2019 – Marseille Provence Gastronomy 2019 – the year of gastronomy in Provence. MPG2019 is promoted by the Area Council of Bouches-du-Rhône and organized by its Provence Tourism Board. This year-long event will start in April 2019 with a big opening show and will last until April 2020. Cooking shows, giant markets and street food alleys, cultural events and art exhibition around the theme of gastronomy are only a few examples of what you could experience in 2019 in Bouches-du-Rhône.

Kuchnia francuska, Prowansja, Francja
Local products sublimated by gourmet cuisine © Pauline Daniel