With the Polish golden autumn being considered by many one of the most beautiful seasons, it is a good idea to capitalize on the sunny days and spend some time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. In order to do that, you should think about getting applications that will not only help you navigate in the area, but also motivate to do sports and give you quick access to weather forecasts. Especially the latter may come in handy during autumn when the weather may be capricious.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

One of the most popular sports applications – a free personal trainer in your pocket. This app is universal and can be used when practising a number of sport disciplines – running, jogging, and even kitesurfing or mountain climbing. Using its connection to GPS satellites, it measures your speed and kilometres covered, as well as imports routes into maps.
With the use of basic user data (weight, age, height), it also calculates the calories burned and has modules that allow you to create your personal training plans. Endomondo can be integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook, allowing you to share your activity with friends and the entire global user community. Available for free on Android, iOS and Windows.


Everything that the fans of two-wheels need. This app is used to designate and save bike routes, as well as plan detailed trips. Depending on the user’s needs, it can find sport, mountain, urban and recreational trails, and even cycling routes for users of e-bikes. If possible, the app choses safer off-road routes.
Its main advantage is that it takes into account the current state of cycle routes. It also records your tempo and reached peaks. Once logged in, you can also use it on your computer. It is available for Android, Windows, and iOS. The basic version is free, whereas you can use additional options for a fee (e.g. offline maps).

Aplikacje pogodowe

Weather apps based on precise data allow you to prepare well for an autumn trip or training. It is better to choose those whose data come from professional ICM forecasts prepared by the University of Warsaw.
Such forecasts, apart from being precise and verifiable, are also presented in a form of meteograms which, although difficult to read for some users, become intuitional and simple over the time. Downloadable for Android: Meteo.pl alternative, Meto ICM, or iOS: UM Meteo, ICM Meteo.