The Great Lakes are a group of five lakes located on the border of the USA and Canada. They consist of Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario, and Michigan – the only one within the territory of the United States that is a perfect place to relax and do water sports.

Chicago is famous not only for its skyscrapers, as befts American cities, but also for Millennium Park, an impressive collection of European paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago, or the theatre with the characteristic retro neon sign. Chill, an unofcial name of the city (short for Chicago and Illinois State), above all fascinates with its picturesque location on the shores of Lake Michigan. The lake is 494 km long by 193 km wide, with a shoreline 2633 km long. Where to start sightseeing in this part of the Great Lakes?


The best place to get to know the lake is Navy Pier in Chicago. The over one kilometre-long pier offers a splendid view of the coast. Not without reason the promenadę is considered to be one of the most interesting tourist attractions, both in Michigan and the American Midwest. A Beautiful, postcard-like view is not the only attraction. You can also enjoy cinemas, gardens, Shakespearean theatre, Ferris wheel or children’s museum there. If you look for something more peaceful, go to a small beach in Milton Lee Olive Park, where you can admire nature and modern architecture. At night, this combination looks especially beautiful from Oak Street Beach, which is the most famous beach in Chicago.


It is impossible to miss the greatness and uniqueness of the lake, however its true beauty can be found in Sleeping Bear Dunes. The viewers of the morning television show called “Good Morning America” considered it the most beautiful spot in America! From the vast, sandy hills and numerous beaches, you can admire water surface spreading wide, but this time without any distractions of glass skyscrapers. If you plan to stay near the National Park, where dunes are located, fnd a nice hotel in Glen Arbor. Right from this town you can go for a ride through a scenic route called the Pierce Stocking.


Another exceptional island is Mackinac, located in the freshwater Straits of Mackinac, which connect Lakes Michigan and Huron – the second biggest lake in the group of the Great Lakes. The land of 10 km2 is inhabited by almost 500 people. This place stands out for its flora and fauna, especially birds, as well as quite intriguing ban – cars and motorcycles cannot be used on the island. However, you are free to use your bike. In short, it is a paradise for cycling lovers. To get to Mackinac, take a ferry from St. Ignace and Mackinaw City.


Near the lake, there is also the Milwaukee City. The name of the city probably comes from a word millioke from an Algonquian language family, used by many tribes of North American Indians. Millioke means “the good, beautiful land”; however, there is also a different translation: “gathering place by the waters”. Certainly, there is some truth to both explanations. The Milwaukee Art Museum, which overlooks Lake Michigan, is a must-see spot for tourists to the biggest city in Wisconsin. Designed by an outstanding Spanish architect – Santiago Calatrava, the building houses Magdalena Abakanowicz’s sculptures, or Campbell’s Soup by Andy Warhol. On the other hand, in the western part of the city, you can fnd the Mitchell Park Domes – three glass domes with a wide variety of plants (mainly tropical and desert species). What is worth mentioning is an architectural wonder – the Pabst Theater and a city hall. However, let’s not forget about that marvellous water mirror. Above all, Milwaukee is a perfect place for sailing and water sports.