With the opening of borders and lifting the ban on passenger flights, airlines are gradually resuming operations, especially in Europe. After several months of crisis caused by COVID-19, KLM has included Poland again in its flight schedule. On June 29, Dutch airlines returned, among others, to Kraków.

Due to the dynamically changing situation regarding the lifting of admission restrictions by individual countries, KLM publishes its flight schedules for shorter periods. The resumption of air traffic depends strictly on the decision of the authorities of individual countries and the current level of virus threat, as well as the newly forming demand, which is why flight schedules may change. Before traveling, KLM encourages its customers to check the airline’s website – klm.pl, and to contact the competent authorities in order to obtain information on travel formalities and restrictions.

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  • Hygiene on board – aircrafts are equipped with hand disinfectants. During each KLM flight, one of the toilets is intended only for the crew, so that staff can freely take care of hand hygiene. Planes are thoroughly cleaned before each flight using appropriate means.
  • The face covering requirement – during all flights serviced by KLM, passengers and crew are required to cover their faces when boarding and during the entire flight. Normal disposable surgical masks or reusable masks are acceptable.
  • Blocking of seats and social distance – appropriate seating of passengers and blocking of seats so that as much space and empty seats as possible remain around every passenger.
  • Simplified on-board service – during European flights, passengers will find a box with a sandwich or a biscuit and water on the seat. On intercontinental flights, a larger bag, containing snacks, fruit and drinks, awaits travellers on the seat with a hot meal being served only on flights longer than 9 hours. Passengers can also take their own food on board. Restaurants at the airport may be closed.
  • COVID-19 protective kits – The kits contain special personal protective equipment for passengers and cabin crew to reduce the risk of infection on board.
  • Air in the cabin – Modern planes are equipped with HEPA filters that allow the removal of any virus particles in the air and provide high-quality, clean air with a high degree of circulation.
  • Additional passenger checks – may vary depending on the airport from which the passenger departs. Some countries impose an obligation on airlines to carry out passenger health checks, including measuring body temperature, before travellers are invited on board