The information about the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine encouraged Kraków Airport employees, together with the management and executives, to immediately start preparations for extensive aid activities for the citizens of Ukraine. Actions under the common name “Help Ukraine #ProstozKrakow” are, above all, an expression of solidarity and support and understanding shared by all persons employed at the airport.

The aim of the organised and carried out initiatives was primarily to provide a sense of security to all persons arriving from the war areas of Ukraine and to provide assistance when they undertake further migration travel (by air) to other countries.

On the one hand, this was strictly material assistance. The company supported collections for Ukrainian women and men organised by the City of Kraków and local communities and authorities in the Zabierzów and Liszki municipalities, and donated funds to a campaign organised by Caritas of the Kraków Archdiocese. The John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice Ltd also made its building in Morawica available for the temporary accommodation of refugee families. The temporary home fulfils its role and has given shelter to many people. The Kraków Airport’s Aviation Education Centre prepared educational activities for the youngest from Ukraine in 6-hour workshops. The airport also donated the necessary equipment for firefighters from Ukraine as part of the State Fire Service action.

On the other hand, Kraków Airport’s efforts are focused on ensuring that people migrating to other countries have a safe and comfortable journey by air. Every day, the staff try to minimise the discomfort or stress of refugees, resulting not only from the current situation in their home country but also related to travelling by plane or feeling lost in the airport space.

To this end, information materials and messages in Ukrainian were prepared, including instructions, voice messages in the passenger terminal and on information pylons, a dedicated tab on the website and posts on the official social profiles of the Kraków Airport. International telephone calls were also funded to facilitate contact with loved ones. Thanks to cooperation with daughter companies, refugees continuing their journey were also supported with meals and drinks in the terminal.

COVID-19 testing, carried out in an external laboratory at the airport, was funded for those in need. Travellers were provided free hygiene and personal care products and services to secure, replace or provide luggage (bag or suitcase, pet carrier). For the youngest, there was a space organised to watch cartoons in Ukrainian.

The activities carried out within the framework of the action “Help Ukraine #ProstozKraków” are not only symbolic, material or financial support but, above all, a series of coherent initiatives, precisely tailored to the needs of people leaving Ukraine. The situation is constantly monitored so that the assistance is adequate to the requirements.