The next edition of Tholons Services Globalisation Index has confirmed strong position of Kraków in the global market for business and technology services

Kraków has once again increased its position by moving up from the 9th place to the 8th. Kraków, together with Dublin, has been dictating for years trends in Europe and therefore systematically increasing its competitive advantage, as compared to other European cities. The achievement accomplished by Kraków is all the more significant, as this year’s ranking has introduced methodical changes and focused on issues concerning the critical “destabilizing” impact of digital disruption.

According to ASPIRE association, which brings together more than 180 companies from IT and modern business service sector, the last decade of industry development has had a revolutionary impact on business image of Kraków brand as perceived by international investors. Once associated only with simple outsourcing of accounting services, the industry employs over 60,000 skilled workers (about 8% of the city population) alone in Kraków. By attracting investors from all over the world, it also signalizes its increasing ambition to acquire and develop state-of-the-art technologies and business processes. The achievements of the European leader are not only positive PR but also an unprecedented development of the city’s modern infrastructure. From a business point of view, Kraków is today a much “younger” and more modern city than it was 10 years ago.