Kraków Airport is a strategic partner of ScaleUP accelerator implemented by the Kraków Technology Park.

Acceleration programmes are dedicated to companies that have already created a finished product, service, or at least a working prototype. The aim of this undertaking is to increase the scale of startup operations, prepare startups to provide their services for big clients, and raise their market competitiveness. The companies participating in this programme have recognized Kraków Airport’s potential and the multidimensional processes taking place within. In summer, a team consisting of Kraków Airport’s employees and specialists in various fields is going to start a collaboration on three projects that will be extended by functions relevant to the airport’s operation. Bioseco Sp. z o. o. company is going to accelerate the “Multirejestrator” project, i.e. a device used for automatic monitoring of birds. Next, Nano Games company will continue to improve their training simulator which provides training and exercises preparing for emergency events, whereas SEEDiA company will focus on developing solar benches.
Kraków Airport’s employees will share their knowledge and experience with owners of the above-mentioned startups. Kraków Airport will provide an environment for testing, development and improvement of projects, while companies participating in the accelerator program will develop their business model and create a product that will meet market demand. With this, Kraków Airport – a big, stable company from Małopolska – will support the development of innovative technologies as well as have the chance to test ingenious solutions on-site and adjust them to the airport’s needs and requirements. The effects of cooperation with young companies as a part of the KTP ScaleUP accelerator will be known in autumn.