In 2016, the value of luxury goods market in Poland amounted to nearly PLN 16.4 billion. According to the report prepared by KPMG, the highest-class products from clothing, jewellery and beverage sectors constitute the biggest part of the market. Two brands from Małopolska, offering premium clothing increasingly mark their position in clothing sector.

Men’s tailoring is experiencing a renaissance. Tailored suits are perceived as an investment in image that can highlight your business position. There is a great demand for exclusive custom-made clothing. Especially elegant clothes from collections designed by famous fashion houses such as Vistula – the leading brand in Małopolska, are gaining in popularity.

Tradition and modernity

Although men’s tailoring is not subject to as many changes as women’s, it is an extremely demanding business. The market of men’s clothes comprises mainly prêt-à-porter cloths from the newest collections. Many people are also interested in more exclusive attires – bespoke suits that take into account individual features of the client’s body are especially popular. A company that excels in both categories is Vistula – a brand located in Kraków, which can boast a well-established market position and high recognition (92% of the indications in brand recognition report).
The company dates back to the interwar period. Since 1966, Vistula has been exclusively designing men’s clothes and exporting them to domestic and foreign markets. Vistula, as one of the first fashion companies, made its debut on the stock exchange in 1993. It has its own sales network of over 170 stores in Poland. The company has also fans abroad, who can buy its cloths in five exclusive salons. The suits are made from, among others, cashmere, pashmina and quanashina wool.

Master not only by title

Another designer of suits made of exceptional and luxurious materials is the king of Polish tailors, Jerzy Turbasa. The Artistic Tailoring Atelier was established in 1946 in Kraków by the legendary Master Józef Turbasa, who passed on his priceless knowledge to his son. From the very beginning, the Atelier has attracted wealthy men of fashion looking for custom-made clothes. In the 60s, Pierre Cardin himself tried to entrust Turbasa with the supervision of his Parisian collection. The clothes made by the Master were worn by many prominent personalities: Nobel laureates, Oscar winners, presidents and ambassadors. Krzysztof Penderecki wore the Master’s tailcoat, Stanisław Lem, Czesław Miłosz and Tomasz Stańko – his suits while Andrzej Wajda opted for dinner jackets. Nobel laureate Wisława Szyborska noted in one of her essays: “Naturally, the dinner jacket
should be bespoke. Even better when it is tailored by a master the likes of Józef Turbasa…”. An heir to his father’s work, Jerzy Turbasa is valued for his precision and a skill that allow him to positively highlight the body shape. The best pieces created in the Atelier were presented in 2011 at the exhibition of clothing and photography “Architect beyond architecture” at the SARP Gallery in Kraków. Since the Artistic Tailoring Atelier has access to selected fabrics, it also designs the most luxurious clothes, not only for Polish customers. Bespoke suit is a synonym of prestige, especially for fashion and art connoisseurs who are also present in the business world. Experts mention exquisite detailing, greater durability, freedom in fabric selection, and the use of avant-garde accessories, such as coloured lining, as just a few of the advantages of custom-made cloths.