Last year, Kraków Airport presented the Master Plan of Kraków-Balice Airport, i.e. a long-term investment plan that will enable the preparation of airport infrastructure capable of handling 12 million passengers a year. Therefore, in the next 20 years, Kraków Airport will be investing around PLN 1 billion. In order to minimize the impact on the day-to-day operations at the airport, the investments are going to be implemented in phases.

The most important investment to be implemented at Kraków Airport is the construction of a new runway (in the preparatory phase). An administrative procedure related to obtaining an environmental decision for its construction is ongoing. In September, the proceedings were completed and a contractor for the project to expand the passenger terminal was selected. The project aims at improving the functionality of the terminal facility and increasing its capacity. It was prepared based on the analysis of our passengers’ experience (including ASQ and “Happy or not?” research) as well as the trends in the air transport market.
The aviation market is dynamically developing with new facilities serving a different purpose than a few years ago starting appearing in terminals – for example, solutions that correspond with the place’s character are implemented. The designer will present three variants of the terminal expansion concept: economic, commercial and operational. After their analysis, a decision regarding the final solution will be made.

Every big investment project requires a procedure related to obtaining an environmental decision – as this case is no different from the construction of a new runway, such activities will have to be also undertaken. The expansion of the terminal requires changes in the apron of the airport, as well as logically combining the investments and infrastructure both in the public and restricted areas. We have already started modernizing and renovating the existing infrastructure. For several months, the oldest part of the apron (i.e. the place where airplanes park at the airport) and its extension have been under repair. A cargo terminal will be built right next to the current provincial road (DW 774). Thanks to it, there will be no more trucks at the passenger terminal, and drivers using cargo will have an easier access to the airport.
Convenient, fast access to the airport is important for passengers, employees, other airport users, as well as companies located around it. The airport should be well communicated with the city and the region through appropriate road and rail infrastructure Construction of the so-called Balice route; changing the route of the provincial road 774 located in the vicinity of the airport by moving it to the other side of the motorway; constructing a new motorway junction – these are the investments considered important for clearing the road infrastructure around the airport. And although their implementation does not depend on the airport, we actively participate in talks regarding the planned solutions.