You can kayak through the city or the sea. On a bike, you can cover over 200 kilometres and visit small islands. Ice-skating on a frozen lake will not surprise anyone here. What are the best ways to actively spend time in the north of Europe?


More specifically – sliding. Ice skating on a frozen lake may seem dangerous, but not in Sweden. You can find there a large number of places where the ice layer is thick enough to skate even for a few kilometres. This type of activity is usually referred to as trip skating or Nordic skating. It is a great way to experience the Scandinavian winter and see Swedish nature in new light. There are many travel agencies in Stockholm that organize such trips.
What is important, this entertainment is reserved not only for professional skaters. The offer of most organizers includes skating lessons on natural ice for beginners. Such trips are completely safe – each is led by a guide who always makes sure that the thickness of the ice layer is sufficient. You can choose from one day or a few day skating trips. Participants of such trips are able to cover several dozen kilometres skating over frozen basins in one weekend.


Colourful houses by Nidelva River have already become the symbol and hallmark of the Norwegian Trondheim. If you want to admire them from a different perspective, it is a good idea to travel through the city by kayak. Such trips usually last about two hours and are a good option for those who are looking for an unconventional way to explore the city, but are not experienced in kayaking – these are typically recreational and peaceful trips. You can also go on an evening sightseeing tour and admire the lights of Trondheim from a specially lit boat. Those who are more physically fit will be interested in the SUP-winning (stand-up paddle, i.e. a paddleboard you stand on).
For those who want to get closer to nature and experience greater emotions when kayaking, Trondheim will be a great starting point. This is the main city of the Trøndelag region, sometimes called ‘Norway in a nutshell’. Every enthusiast of active recreation will find there the most characteristic features of the entire Norwegian nature – mountains, fjords and wild nature. Many companies organize kayak trips on the sea and lakes in the late spring and summer. Admiring the fjords in this way will provide unforgettable memories. In addition to the kayaking trip, participants can enjoy fishing together, hiking or following the tracks of wild animals.


When traveling to the Nordic countries, there is nothing more enjoyable than capturing the northern lights in the picture. Although the aurora season begins in November, you are also very likely to see them in early spring, usually until the end of March. It is not true that they only appear in the far North, as they can be also seen in the vicinity of Trondheim in the middle of Norway. Interestingly, this unique phenomenon can be easily observed even from the very centre of the city. However, in order to admire this spectacle of lights in full, it is worth going to the outskirts, near the fjords.


Norway is an ideal destination for all those who love mountain trekking. An undoubted attraction will be climbing Preikestolen – an over six-hundred-meter-high cliff, which is considered one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Europe, from which you can enjoy an amazing view of L ysefjorden fiord. The path to its peak is less than 4 kilometres long, with hiking taking approximately 2 hours. It starts quite easily – with the stairs, after which the area becomes rocky. In order to reach the peak, you need first to overcome smaller cliffs.
The steepest part is the middle section, which may be challenging for some people. Nevertheless, the goal of the expedition makes the effort worthwhile. However, do not to stress about it – every day in the season, a lot of tourists pass this path, and Preikestolen is one of Norway’s most popular natural attractions. The cliff is located about 40 kilometres from the city of Stavanger. It is where the guided tours start. To get to Stavanger, you must first take a ferry to Tau. From there, it takes a little over 20 minutes by car to get to the cliff.


On the road from Stavanger to Bergen, it is easy to find several places to spend the night while being very close to nature. Both cities are only 2 00 km away, but the trip can be planned in such a way that it takes two days. There are buses running on the route, so it is not necessary to rent a car.


Fans of two wheels will definitely feel at home in Finland. The “Archipelago trail”, which runs through the islands of the Turku Archipelago, is particularly impressive. The entire route is 250 km long, and there is no shortage of daredevils who are willing to traverse the entire trail. Most tourists, however, decide to travel only through individual sections. It is worth choosing them not only because of the views that impress at every step, but also to get to know the history of places located along the way.
Another popular trail is the 13 km route running from the island of Nagu to the island of Hanka. It leads through the island of Själö, where in the 17th century, leprosy patients and later madmen were sent. The hospital for the mentally ill existed there until 1962. The Turku Archipelago is worth visiting especially in summer not only because of cycling – the number of hiking trails is impressive as well. They are not difficult, and thus are ideal for a family summer holiday.