On July 3, 2017, PLL LOT launched direct flights between Kraków and Chicago – a connection which citizens of Kraków, Małopolska and the entirety of Southern Poland had waited for for a long time.

It is estimated that every year over 90,000 passengers fly between these two cities with stopover. It is the 9th long-haul flight and the 6th flight to North America that the Polish airlines have launched. The flight to Chicago is one of the 27th new connections from Kraków Airport in 2017.The official ceremony took place in the passenger terminal and was inaugurated by Radosław Włoszek, the President of Kraków Airport Management Board, and Rafał Milczarski, the President of PLL LOT Management Board. The ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Construction and Infrastructure, the U.S. Consul General in Kraków, the parliament representatives, regional and local authorities, representatives of companies and institutions cooperating with the airport and passengers of the inaugural flight.

The passengers of the inaugural flight were given small gifts. Those flying to Kraków were welcomed in the rhythm of Polish folk music by Kapela Hanki Wójciak (Hanka Wójciak Band), while those flying to Chicago were accompanied by the music of the band Amusing Companions, introducing them to the Chicago music scene. An additional attraction was the flight of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner over Kraków Airport (the so-called low pass) and a traditional water salute organized in order to welcome the aircraft from Chicago. The water salute, which was organized by the firefighters from the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting services, received Arch of Triumph certificate in the weekly contest organized by the specialist portal anna.aero Airline and Airport News & Analysis.The flight from Małopolska to Chicago is to leave once a week throughout the year, and will be made by Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The flight itself is approx. 9 hours long.