One of the main projects aimed at the local community is the “Supporting our Neighbours” competition that has been organized for 7 years and which has funded over 130 projects.

In this year, with the project’s 9th edition, 11 initiatives were selected (e.g. additional language courses for children, creation of an outdoor gym, equipment upgrade of the volunteer fire brigade).Apart from “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition, the management board of Kraków Airport has provided funding for 7 investment projects (e.g. the park in Szczyglice) as a part of a pilot project for 8 villages in the nearest vicinity of the airport.Last year, the new grant programme for Kraków Airport’s employees named “We support Volunteers” was created as part of the corporate volunteering support project. Its aim is to support social projects of the airport’s employees, who use their free time, energy, and skills to help others. So far, 2 editions of the competition have been implemented with 11 projects receiving grants.Both competitions were recognised and mentioned in the report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” published annually by the Responsible Business Forum.