In addition to a route map, Kraków Airport is also the owner of the “map of engagement”. The airport website includes a map featuring all the projects that were implemented as part of the competition funding local initiatives called “Supporting our Neighbours”.

The map presents all the villages at which the grant competition is directed. The completed initiatives were described based on the implementation reports submitted in by the beneficiaries of the competition. The grant competition “Supporting our Neighbours” was initiated by Kraków Airport in 2010 for the residents of the municipalities located near the airport. So far, nine editions of the competition have been held, with 132 projects financed, and over 800 volunteers involved. Returning to the map… it shows the scale of Kraków Airport’s cooperation with the local community, including NGOs, local public entities and informal groups of residents. Thanks to cooperation with neighbors, it is possible to implement goals, resulting from specific needs of the local community. The map allows them to check at any time where Kraków Airport’s grant was given to, and what initiatives within the framework of “Supporting our Neighbours” contest are created in their neighbourhood. The map of grants is available at the Airport’s website in the section “Supporting our Neighbours” grant competition . The “Supporting our Neighbours” competition has been recognized and mentioned three times in the “Responsible Business in Poland – Good Practices” report, issued by the Forum of Responsible Business. However, we are more pleased and motivated by the results of the evaluation questionnaire conducted in 2016 among the local NGOs and beneficiaries of the competition. As many as 88% of the respondents stated that the “Supporting our Neighbours” competition is an effective tool to support the area and the inhabitants living in the vicinity of Kraków Airport.

Blisko lotniska

W tym roku Kraków Airport ogłosił kolejnym konkurs grantowy dla mieszkańców. Do 12 kwietnia 2018 r. można składać wnioski o dofinansowanie projektów infrastrukturalnych w sołectwach położonych najbliżej Kraków Airport. Projekty mogą dotyczyć także: zakupu maszyn, urządzeń, pojazdów, które będą służyły lokalnej społeczności sołectw położonych najbliżej krakowskiego portu lotniczego. Do jury komisji konkursowej – na wniosek mieszkańców – zaproszono przedstawicieli Gminy Zabierzów i Liszki.  Więcej informacji o nowym konkursie grantowym na stronie
Nowy konkurs grantowy „Blisko lotniska”, a także kontynuowany od 2009 r. konkurs grantowy „Wspieramy Sąsiadów” to znaczące, ale nie jedyne formy zaangażowania społecznego Kraków Airport. Więcej informacji na ten temat na stronie lotniska w zakładce Społeczna Odpowiedzialność