180 agglomerations from over 70 countries – this is the UNESCO Creative Cities Networ. Today we would like to invite you to visit Media Arts cities where you #flyKRK. Media Arts as new media art, digital art, and electronic art explore the contemporary interplay of art, technology, and science.


The first city of arts on the list. It earned the title thanks to being home to Jean-Michele Jarre, the world’s most famous creator that combines light and sound. The city also hosts audio-visual feasts in the form of various festivals: Fête des lumières, Mirage or Nuits Sonores. #flyKRK with easyJet

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Israel’s main centre of culture and a city of visual arts. The capital focuses on dynamic development of modern technologies, and combines business with art and media. The city is also a platform of cooperation for creators, scientists and entrepreneurs, opting for a culture of innovation. #flyKRK with ElAl or Ryanair.