Imagine the slowly setting sun which plunges into azure blue sea and illuminates charming buildings of the old town and blue and white umbrellas on the beach. You are just opening a bottle of chilled French champagne running your perfectly tanned hand through your windblown hair. This is going to be a perfect weekend.

It hardly ever rains in Nice, unique microclimate causes that you can enjoy clear blue sky throughout the most of the year. Summer temperatures (20°C and above) start in mid-March and continue until October; in the remaining months the temperature is moderately warm which encourages sightseeing (from several to several dozen degrees). It is maybe because of fair weather conditions that the city has attracted masses of tourists for many years, including the wealthiest in the world – businessmen, artists and screen stars.


This picturesque city will appeal both to sunbathing lovers, who are willing to pay 17 euros for a sunbed under a blue and white umbrella and to tourists who enjoy taking shelter within city walls. Sea food gourmets, morning joggers as well as amblers who like to soak up unique atmosphere of Old Town streets will also be pleased. Nice is also a place for art and design enthusiasts as apart from enchanting architecture, the city also has to offer several dozen museums and art galleries.


The most famous symbol of the city is seven-kilometer-long Promenade des Anglais, which is visited by large numbers of tourists, who admire azure blue hues of the sea while walking in the shade of palm leaves. Many of them choose roller-skates trip or a bicycle ride. From the Promenade des Anglais one can reach the Château Hill and take photographs of the vast panorama of the city. From the hill, botanical garden with lush vegetation and a picturesque artifcial waterfall can be seen. When you get to the top, it is good to take a look at the other side of the hill to the harbour where luxurious yachts are moored.


At the foot of the Château Hill there is a historic Old Town (fr. Vieux Nice). Among tenement houses, churches and captivating little streets a huge chess board attracts attention. Black and white pavement marks the beginning of the Place Masséna (Masséna square), called the showpiece of the city. A famous tourist attraction is located there – the Fountain of the Sun (fr. Fontaine du Soleil), whose central part is the sculpture of Apollo. While walking through the square it is worth to take a look at seven statues placed on poles; they symbolize continents. Art lovers will certainly be interested in Garibaldi Square and MAMAC (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) located nearby, in which works of Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol are presented. Painting enthusiasts should also go to the Musée Matisse located within 2 km from the city center, in which paintings, drawings and sculptures of the artist can be admired. From the central part of Nice one can takea walk to the Musée Marc Chagall with the most numerous public collection of the artist’s works in the world. After brief relaxation with a cup of coffee, for example in the legendary Cafè de Turin, you can go to Cours Saleya street to buy some local dainties on the market and then go to flower market Marché aux Fleurs open from Tuesday to Sunday. There are lots of restaurants in the vicinity which invite everyone to try Nice’s cuisine.


It is recommendable to start the tasting of French specialties with sweet breakfast in the local bakery or snack bar. The most essential element of such breakfast is a croissant but you can also choose crêpe with Nutella, yogurt with honey or order a big breakfast set with coffee and orange juice, which in Marinette bakery costs less than 10 euros. During the stay in Nice you should get to know the taste of socca – traditional bread made from chickpea, tapenade (puréed olives) and pissaladière – onion tart with olives. Menus of local restaurants also tempt with pizza and sea food- including mussels served with French fries.


In the evening many tourists taste local liquors in bars, for example in the Le Sanas center. A popular Wayne’s Bar is also worth visiting as with a little bit of luck you can come across a concert of a local band. The average price of beer in pubs ranges from 6 to 8 euros. One weekend is enough to fall in love in vibrant Nice and later to use every opportunity to come back to this place.

#KRKtravelchallenge for Nice

  • discover the phenomenon of Andy Warhol’s art at the MAMAC Contemporary Art Museum
  • go rollerblading along seven-kilometer-long Promenade des Anglais


  • The cost of one night in a hotel for two people before the season amounts to 70 euro.
  • Dinner with a starter and a desert usually costs about 15 euros.
  • The airport is Located about 7 km away from the city center, and you can get there both by public transportation as well as with rented car.
  • You can find unique souvenirs from Provence at Ruelle de laBoucherie (a street with numerous shops selling local products) or on the market at Cours Saleya street.
  • Free of charge lift can take you to the Château Hill- Ascenseur du Château. The entrance is located at Quay of the United States (fr. Quai des États-Unis), at the address 2 Rue des Ponchettes. The lift runs every day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • You will get to see much more if you travel through Nice by bike – 175 bike rentals, first 30 minutes free of charge.
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A city located about 30 km away from Nice, famous for film festival. Similarly to Nice, Cannes is also located directly at the seaside and it is a picturesque city with lots of harbours for luxurious boats.


Famous for the so-called Millionaires Bay, that is the district of Baie des Caneberies. While going there for a trip one can be sure to meet a face familiar from the screen or the stage.


Medieval city on the rock, situated at 400 metres above the sea level, overlooking a magnificent view. You can get there in less than 25 minutes by several buses from Nice. Renting a scooter might be a good idea.