Kraków will act as the 26th Wizz Air base airport, the newest in Poland. The carrier’s first aircraft will land at our airport in May, and the second in September 2019. Kraków Airport passengers will take advantage of 12 routes offered by Wizz Air, including 10 completely new #flyKRK ones: London, Kiev, Nice, Turku, Doncaster, Bari, Billund, Catania, Larnaca, Kharkiv, Oslo and Kutaisi.

Radosław Włoszek, CEO at Kraków Airport, said: – Małopolska attracts a lot of investors, also in the aviation sector. This can be seen in the launch of another base of the carrier in Kraków Airport. The Wizz Air offer is a result of multifaceted negotiations and a consistently implemented strategy for the development of diversified flights. We hope it will be interesting for passengers and will positively affect the labour market region. From among the 12 destinations offered by Wizz Air, as many as 10 constitute new options at Kraków airport. Direct flights to Georgia or flights to Nice in France, Catania and Bari in Italy, and Larnaca in Cyprus, which are so widely expected by our passengers, are just some of them. The new flights will be interesting also for those Małopolska residents who prefer organized holidays. Wizz Air’s cooperation with tour operators and travel agents strengthens this offer by Kraków Airport as well.