Regardless of whether you are travelling for business or private reasons; planning a long or short trip to an exotic country or one of the European capital cities, you will definitely need the support of travel apps that will help you plan a trip step by step and…keep a travel journal.

Creative developers offer a wide range of travel apps that not only facilitate detailed planning of a trip and packing of all of the necessary things, but also serve as a guide or even a virtual weather reporter. On the other hand, the applications also act as travel journals that allow you to record memories, organize photos, and share experiences with friends and family by using social media.


is a personalised guide that can be downloaded for free from the AppStore and GooglePlay – firstly, however, you need to register on the Tripomatic website. With this application, you can plan your trip based on a map with the most interesting places to visit. Tripomatic covers more than 500 destinations. One of its advantages, apart from various functions, is the possibility to save your trip in the form of a PDF file and print it.

Travel Organizer

is a trip planner created by TripIt. This application allows you to gather all the confirmations in one place – from flight tickets to hotels. Travel Organizer will show you the best way to the airport, the cheapest car rental company, or the nearest restaurant. Moreover, it allows synchronizing Google calendar and Outlook mailbox. This free application (for a trial period of 30 days) can be downloaded from the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Pocket Earth

When it comes to “trip planning”, it is also worth choosing application called Pocket Earth that offers extremely accurate and reliable offline maps. Thanks to installed Wikipedia, this application allows you to read descriptions of interesting places, find a hotel, a restaurant, and other tourist attractions. A limited version of the application can be downloaded for free from the AppStore; the full version costs € 4.99.