Milan Design Week is a must-see event for every lover of unique interior design styles and pattern-designing solutions. It is where the best designers from all around the world, including Poland, present their works, amaze with their originals solutions, and create latest trends.

Design Week 2017

This year’s edition of the event attracted crowds of guests and exhibitors – the festival was visited by 350000 people and over 2000 companies and designers. Design Week 2017 is a place where well-known, widely recognizable, commercial companies (such as IKEA) meet with brands outside the mainstream and true interior design art lovers. This year, Milan Design Week showed that the main trends are still ruled by minimalism,
strong connection with nature and eco-commitment, as well as geometrical, permeating patterns that create new, original forms. The event did not lack Polish accents – among the exhibitors there could be found many local companies and designers who know well what modern and unique design is about.

NEATness and style

Poland was also noticed during the international “Don’t stop” exhibition related to design for children. The brand FAM FARA presented a desk designed by Grynasz Studio, which comes from ŁAD Furniture System (English: “Neat”) and comprises simple wooden
table and metal panels. After adding shelves and mirrors, the base takes on a more individual character; the solution presented by FAM FARA is an ideal way to personalize your work and play space.

Only “tylko”

Polish app allowing self-design of custom furniture has quickly been recognized as a revolutionary idea. The app, created by designers from “Tylko” company (“Only”), offers interesting, affordable furniture tailored to the customer’s needs.
“Tylko” is characterized by an innovative approach towards design and creative solutions combining furniture industry with state-of-the-art technology. Their secret lies in simplicity and high quality materials.

Oskar Zięta, one of the most famous Polish designers, who presented his works during Salone del Mobile certainly deserves a special mention. Leather chairs, aluminium tables and incredible mirrors with steel surface are the best example of combination of design, culture and engineering. In order to create furniture, Zięta applies FiDU technology
– a steel processing method based on subjecting the material to internal pressure to give it a three-dimensional effect. The furniture designs are made on a computer, while its final form is created with the usage of robots and specially designed tools.