You have just taken the quiz, where we encouraged you to firstly think about the way you like to wind down. We hope that our tips will help you make a satisfying choice.

Majority of  no.1 answers

You are a person who likes to get to know new cities, their architecture, art and sophisticated character. On holiday, go to Venice, one of the most famous romantic cities in the world, or to Bologna, which is full of history, art and beautiful monuments. You will also feel comfortable in Turin, a city associated not only with excursions to the Italian Alps, but also with the still very much alive history enchanted in antique churches, palaces and Italian squares. The character of these cities is complemented with great wines, as well as sophisticated, local delicacies.

Majority of no.2 answers

You associate holidays with resting, beach and relaxation. When you think about Italy, you imagine the warm sea and sunny sky. For you, a holiday is a chance to get away from everyday life, which is why you will find Pescara, an Adriatic resort tempting with beautiful beaches even out of season, a perfect spot. However, if you do not want to spend the entire holiday only at the seaside, you should consider visiting Pisa, a city famous for the Leaning Tower, Italian cafés, and the beautiful Ligurian Sea, which is just several kilometres away. An ideal place to combine short sightseeing with longer, seaside leisure.

Majority of no.3 answers

You cannot get bored on holidays! It is a time to meet new people and gather new experiences. The best place for you in Italy is Milan, a fashion city with great restaurants and nightclubs. You will also feel good in Rome, which offers lots of entertainment and interesting places to visit, as well as in Naples – the city is full of Italian temperament, offers great prosecco and a shot of adrenaline. It is here that you can climb the still active Vesuvius.

Majority of  no.4 answers

You are more into beautiful views, true climate of the countryside and feeling independent than collecting photos of well-known cities. You can find what you are looking for in Lamezia or Caligari. Have you not heard about these cities? This is a good sign, as they are not popular among tourists and thus they retain the amazing Italian atmosphere, spiced up with beautiful natural landscapes. There, you can relax on clean, uncrowded beaches or set off on long hiking trips in the national parks.

A balance of all answers

If you have chosen almost all variants of the answers, it can be a sign that you are looking for many different experiences and would like to make the most of your vacation time. Italy is the perfect country to try everything! A good solution will be to plan a trip around several Italian cities, and in the case of limited time, just follow the advice of the well-known proverb – “All roads lead to Rome”.