Independent Polish fashion brands are gaining strength on the market, successfully competing with fashion giants. Refined to the smallest detail, the designs, whose creators follow the slow fashion philosophy, are distinguished by high quality and ethical approach to creation.

Patterns of bathing suits have changed over the centuries. Designed by Louis Réard, the bikini was presented for the first time in 1946 during a show at the swimming pool in Paris. With each passing decade, women have more and more exposed their legs and necklines, with the tan still being considered a symbol of health and a measure of a successful holiday. And although it may seem that everything has already been shown in beach fashion, young Polish brands prove that there is still a lot to be said on the subject.


Happy Surfer, an independent brand from Kraków, draws inspiration from the diversity of the ’70s, associated with freedom of manners and hippie lifestyle. The founder of the company, Katarzyna Laskowska-Tomkowicz, opted for limited, low-cost collections of swimwear that are designed and sewn in Poland from high quality Polish and Italian materials. In the latest “Wild Roses” collection, the laid back style of surfers is combined with subtle femininity. Ruffles, fancy bindings and bows attract attention, but do not restrict movement during sports activities. – Happy Surfer is a brand for modern girls who have a colourful, crazy soul of a hippie surfer, – says Laskowska-Tomkowicz. – The colours of the “Wild Roses” collection refer to the 1970s. The main motif is patterns inspired by the retro style, with the dominant colours being pink, purple, yellow, as well as stripes, pop-art flowers and a white and red vichy check. Together with freelancers with artistic souls, we created unique prints – printed on custom-made material.


Customers are more and more conscious when buying clothes: they are interested in materials from which clothes are made, as well as verify the ethical side of the company’s activity. Makota Swim brand from Gdańsk, which was created with beach minimalism in mind, perfectly fits into this trend. The trademark of the brand is geometric cuts, complemented by delicate shoulder straps and belts. The latest collection has been enriched with shades of deep red, ivory and beige. From the very beginning, the projects are based on simplicity and naturalness. The materials from which one-piece and bikini costumes are made deserve special attention. Danuta Grządzielska, the owner of the brand, points out: – In 2019, we began a journey towards an even more balanced and ethical way of producing our swimsuits. The Polish brand sews using a certified, high-quality blend of recycled polyamide fabrics recovered from plastic collected from the oceans. Swimsuits are characterized by their exceptional durability. – As emphasized by Grządzielska: – Makota swimsuit is not only beautiful, but also good for the soul.


Lovers of water sports who spend every moment of summer in the sun and water, have fallen in love with Drivemebikini, Zuzanna Krasuska-Kopyt’s brand. This young company very quickly became popular thanks to a photo posted on Instagram. Anna Lewandowska, a trainer and dietitian, posed dressed in one of the surf-designed swimsuits, which significantly increased the interests in the costumes. The company also offers designer surf costumes. Drivemebikini’s designs are dedicated to courageous women who like original design. They are very popular due to the high quality of workmanship and ecological materials from which the costumes are sewn. A great strength of these swim costumes is their high resistance to salt and chlorine. The swimming suits also protect against SPF 50 UVA radiation, which is especially important for women who prefer long and active rest by the water.