We live in the fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, which is based on automation and computerization. Industry 4.0 is a collective term that stands for the integration of intelligent machines, systems and changes in production processes aimed at increasing production efficiency. Industry 4.0 comes down to not only technology, but also new ways of working and the role of people in industry.

We are after the premiere of “Industry 4.0 Innovation Radar”, a publication created by hub4industry – Digital Innovation Hub in cooperation with KPT ScaleUp, published by the Kraków Technology Park. The main partners are the Future Industry Platform Foundation and Business Finland, while the honorary patrons are the Ministry of Development and Technology and PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development). The project was carried out under the patronage of Startup Poland.

“Radar” includes almost 90 young companies that have proven in cooperation with business. It is a catalogue of Polish and Finnish companies with an offer for industry that have received recommendations from 23 innovation ecosystem representatives in industry, e.g. investment funds or accelerators.

As the authors of the publication say: “It is not a ranking, but a list of companies that have proven themselves in cooperation with business.” There are plenty of industry reports and rankings of the largest and most innovative entities in Industry 4.0 on the market. Nevertheless, the creators were guided by the idea of creating a catalogue of young companies that are not much behind these leaders, when it comes to the quality and innovation of the solutions offered.

The report is an example of the role of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH), i.e. centres gathering knowledge and competences in the field of digital transformation of economic activity. Their role is to help increase the competitiveness of companies by supporting them in the digital transformation process. Thanks to the mapping of the local market and international cooperation, they connect enterprises (including industrial) ready for digital transformation with young companies, both small and medium-sized, especially startups, which have ready-made solutions or relevant competences, thus supporting local initiatives promoting the industrial revolution.

The companies presented in “Radar” have been divided according to 15 technology tags and 14 business areas. The latter criterion is particularly useful for managers and entrepreneurs who are looking for solutions, e.g. for a specific department in the company. The authors added that it is supposed to be a kind of telephone directory for them.

The publication includes innovations in the areas of production, management, quality control, logistics and warehousing, maintenance, as well as innovations for companies in the field of cybersecurity, data processing, marketing, sales and customer service.

A large number of entities, i.e. as many as 21, are companies from Małopolska – all from Kraków. They specialize in services in the area of production (including management), smart city/smart building, construction, maintenance, quality control, R&D, sales/marketing/customer service, training, OHS, data processing, logistics and warehousing, cybersecurity, quality control and utilities (energy, water, waste):

1000 realities – creates solutions in AR technology based on a proprietary platform and specialized training in virtual reality. The solutions are intended primarily for industrial employees, including from the production, energy, mining and logistics sectors.

ai2device – designs vision inspection devices and dedicated AI applications for image analysis using the latest machine learning algorithms, and above all, deep neural networks.

Airly – offers an innovative air quality monitoring system, which is popular as a service for cities, but also available for industry with sensors tailored to its needs. The proprietary pollution forecasting system for the next 24 hours, based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, is characterized by an accuracy of up to 96%.

AMAGE Systems – specializes in IT tools for the digitization of construction and industrial processes and the management of production plants.

diCELLa – offers software for the analysis of microscopic images and medical photos, which can increase the work efficiency of doctors and lab diagnosticians.

DYNAMOTION – offers automation of packaging processes for production plants in the FMCG sector.

Edward.ai – is the name of an intelligent assistant for sales teams that saves salespeople’s time from manual data entry, quoting and checking customer relationship information.

Embetech – offers software for communication in extensive wireless networks, suited to a wide range of IoT and IIoT devices. It allows creating ultra-scalable networks that can handle hundreds of devices in one location, while maintaining high quality data transmission services.

EPIC VR – specializes in advanced virtual and augmented reality solutions for, among others, the gaming, marketing and industry sectors. The latter offers support especially in the area of training and interactive solutions facilitating the work of staff or prototyping and designing, for example, a production line.

ePM – deals with the storage and management of the flow of project documentation using a dedicated platform. This platform is a common data environment, ensuring efficient communication, security, and monitoring of the course and progress of decision-making processes.

ExMetrix – offers support in making business decisions and optimizing production thanks to the analysis of internal and statistical data. It is a platform used for modelling and forecasting economic, market and demographic processes as well as optimizing production processes.

Guider – provides a platform for the construction, investment and facility management industries. The offered solution, which operate on any device, allows improving communication and facilitating the administration of facilities, which translates into better indicators and lower costs.

Husarnet – implements software for connecting computers, robots, sensors and other industrial systems, with a minimum of delay.

Infracht – deals with the digitization of transport logistics in the SaaS service model, which improves transport management processes, facilitates and speeds up communication between customers, forwarders and carriers.

InsignesLabs – provides antimicrobial compounds.

Photo4Chem – offers solutions in the field of apparatus and devices for 3D printing in industry.

Random Forest – develops artificial intelligence models that support the processing of great amounts of large and unstructured text materials (i.e. reports, contracts, legal acts, articles).

ReliaSol – deals with maintenance and predicting machine failures thanks to predictive and prescriptive maintenance software that allows significantly reducing production maintenance costs while increasing profits and the level of security of the company.

S2Innovation – offers the original S2Energy system for managing energy consumption in companies.

Simprosoft – provides professional training simulators in XR technology, which enable personnel training in the field of procedures and security threats. It is dedicated to, among others, the aviation industry and critical infrastructure operators.

SINTERIT – the world’s first manufacturer of compact 3D printers with the selective laser sintering technology for production support.