The number of animals on board is limited. Therefore, it is best to inform the staff about travelling with pets already when booking a flight. It is also worth checking out if there are any additional fees to be paid – this depends on the carrier. Do not forget about vaccination booklet and valid veterinary certificates. Required documents may vary depending on destinations and countries of transit.


If the animal and its cage weighs no more than 8 kg, some of the airlines allow flying with a pet on board as a part of cabin baggage. Otherwise, it is necessary to transport the animal in the luggage compartment in a suitably selected carrier. This rule does not apply only to the guide dog for the deaf, blind or people with physical disabilities. A service dog should wear a muzzle.


Kraków Airport has a paddock located next to a car park (P2). It includes a bench, baskets, drinking water and obstacles such as hurdles, ramps and jumps. It is good idea to familiarize your pet with a carrier in which it will spend a few or several hours. During the journey, put a blanket and its favourite toy inside.