Kraków Airport has been operating in the field of corporate social responsibility for many years. The airport cares about the natural environment, the local community, the highest satisfaction of its passengers, honest market and operational practices, as well as personal development and satisfaction of its employees. In all areas of its activity, Kraków Airport focuses on building stable and long-term relationships with stakeholders, based on dialogue and balance between the economy and social needs.

Kraków Airport is the first regional airport in Poland that has been publishing sustainable development reports since 2016.

Sustainable management in difficult times

At the time of publishing the Kraków Airport Sustainability Report 2019, we are trying to find ourselves in a new reality that can certainly be described as the greatest global crisis of recent decades. The pandemic brings a threat to our health and life, but also a significant economic recession that has hit the aviation and tourism industries with great force.
The current situation severely affected the everyday functioning of Kraków Airport and enforced serious transformations. Today, a responsible, sustainable and comprehensive approach to management is primarily maintaining employment, as well as ensuring the safety of employees and users of Kraków Airport, and also financial security.
From the outbreak of the pandemic, we have been constantly monitoring the situation, working closely with state services and following all recommendations of European and global health and life organizations.
The consequences of the economic crisis are revealed every day – they are particularly noticeable in the context of successes, records and extremely important decisions of 2019. They are the greatest challenge we have faced so far as the entire Kraków Airport team.

This year’s report

The presented, fourth social report, takes into account environmental, social and business issues. As every year, we present you the basics of management, statistical data, achieved results and implemented initiatives that fit into the assumptions of social responsibility.
The year 2019 at Kraków Airport was exceptional – work related to the implementation of the adopted Master Plan 2036 started, the number of air connections offered from our airport significantly increased, and for the first time in the history of Kraków Airport, we welcomed an 8-millionth passenger. In 2019, we also hosted the ACI EUROPE Regional Airports Conference, which is a meeting of the top management staff of regional airports in Europe.

Awards and plans for the future

Our efforts in 2019 have been noticed many times. Kraków Airport is one of the first airports in Europe and the first in Poland to receive the ACI Airport Customer Experience accreditation, granted to those airports that constantly strive to raise the standards of passenger service. We were also awarded several times for our social commitment.
Focusing on safety, raising the standard of services, building a credible dialogue with our stakeholders and caring for the natural environment have contributed to changing the Vision and Mission of Kraków Airport. In 2019, we also worked on the assumptions of the new Kraków Airport Sustainable Development Strategy for 2020-2024.
2019 was also the time of implementing grant projects and supporting local initiatives aimed at residents of neighbouring towns. In addition to subsequent grant editions, at our request, an independent research institution conducted a survey among the local community, the purpose of which was to find out about the opinion of residents on the presence and development of Kraków Airport, as well as their expectations towards Kraków Airport.