Italy is a great place for a family trip, as a short flight will certainly not be too bothersome. What is more, you can count on seeing wonderful landscapes, excellent weather, superb cuisine and many interesting attractions. Besides that, the Italians love children and know very well how to win over the hearts of young tourists.

Italian cities are, first and foremost, known for their great monuments, which, thanks to audio guides, smartphone applications and ingenious guided tours, will also be attractive for children. That is why it is worth taking children to the Colosseum, where they can hear stories of the battles of courageous gladiators and wild animals that took place in the largest stadium of the Roman Empire. Advanced technology, animated maps and interactive gadgets also bring back to life the ancient atmosphere of Venice Bergamo. You do not have to worry that children will get bored when visiting monuments, as in many places in Italy you can find similar solutions.

Interactive EXPLORA Museum

The Italians say “Tutte le strade portano a Roma”, meaning “All roads lead to Rome”, which also includes tourist tracks. Located in the central part of Italy, the Eternal City has a lot to offer to children. One of the most interesting attractions in the city centre is EXPLORA Interactive Museum – a paradise for inquisitive children who like to find out scientific secrets. EXPLORA comprises a few thematic zones (e.g. healthy eating, cuisine, measures and weights, nature, water), in which the youngest visitors can construct simple devices, as well as take part in physical and mind activities. EXPLORA is dedicated for children up to 12 years of age, whereas a safe play zone is available for babies. One ticket allows you to spend 1.5 hours inside. It is possible to purchase tickets earlier or book them online. PRICE: babies up to 1 year of age – free entry; children up to 3 years of age – EUR 5, children from 3 years of age and adults – EUR 8.
Rzym, Włochy, wakacje z dziećmi
Muzeum Explora, Rzym

Bioparco Zoological Garden

Operating for over a hundred years, the Roman zoo is located in the heart of Villa Borghese Park. It is a great place for a trip with children or a short break from learning about the historical side of the city. It is a place where you can enjoy…over 200 species of animals, attend various shows, events and performances, during which visitors can learn not only about the world of fauna, but also deepen their ecological knowledge and gain information on the protection of endangered species. PRICE: children up to 1 m tall – free entry, children over 1 m tall and up to 10 years old – EUR 13, adults – EUR 16.

A clinic for dolls

Located in southern Italy, Naples is called the city of pizza, spaghetti and great coffee. However, what, apart from the exceptional culinary experience, can the capital of Campania offer to young tourists? The Naples Ospedale delle Bambole was initiated by Luigi Grassi at the end of the 19th century. Today, his legacy is continued by the fourth generation – Tiziana, the owner of the clinic, believes that dolls have souls and are a treasure trove of our childhood memories, and therefore deserve special attention and care. A visit to the doll clinic is a great opportunity to talk with children about their attentiveness for dolls and other beloved toys. PRICE: information available after making appointment.

Underground tunnels of Napoli Sotterranea

The underground of Naples conceals hundreds of kilometres of corridors, tunnels and caves. Although this underground labyrinth has still some undiscovered parts, it is possible to visit a kilometre-long section just below the historical centre, where you can admire ancient Greek tunnels, aqueducts, shelters and gardens, as well as fragments of the Roman amphitheatre. For young explorers, the walk along the underground paths will surely will be a mysterious and exciting adventure. RICE: about EUR 10.

Time for Milan

Situated in the north of Italy, Milan is not only a city of fashion, but also a great place for family sightseeing – no one will leave disappointed. The Museum of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions is one of the most important places presenting global achievements in the field of technology and science. The interactive museum is a place where you can touch and try out the exhibits, as well as see them working in practice. Lessons and shows for children, meetings with scientists and specialists in a given field of science are held in the experimental rooms.PRICE: children – EUR 7.5, adults – EUR 10.

MUBA – Museum for Children

Museo dei Bambini, or Museum for Children in Milan, is a creative space in which various workshops, performances and projections for children are organized. This is not a typical museum that can be visited at any time – you must sign up for an event featured in the booking calendar or buy tickets online. MUBA program includes, among others, workshops on creating a cake for play, discovering colours by playing with light, games for babies made from recycling materials, or workshops about water and its importance for people. PRICE: dependent on the selected attraction, from EUR 6-10/person; possible purchase of family tickets.

Car museum in Turin

When planning a visit to Turin, it is necessary to visit the National Automobile Museum, which is a reflection of Italian motoring passions. Meticulously arranged exhibitions as well as popular and less-known car models will impress not only the fans. 21 rooms covering 3 600 square meters present in an interesting way the history of the automobile industry, combining the past with the futuristic architecture of the building in which the museum is located.PRICE: children under 6 – free admission, EUR 10.00 – children aged 6-18 years, EUR 12.00 – adults.

Trip to the island of Murano

A trip to Venice is a great opportunity to visit the surrounding islands. A boat ride on Murano, an island famous for its glass production, especially coloured one, takes about 45 minutes. It is worth going to one of the factories and learn about the process of creation of glass and various glass objects or visiting the unique glass museum called Museo Vetrario located next to a glassworks in Italy. PRICE: water tram ticket – EUR 7.5 (75 minutes), Museo Vetrario – EUR 9.5 for children, EUR 12 for adults.

Lido di Venezia, time for sunbathing

When in Venice, it is also worth finding a moment to sunbathe. You can take a water tram that will get you from the city centre to the famous Lido di Venezia (also known as Lido). One of the attractions of the island is a 12-kilometre sandy beach with a gentle descent to the sea – ideal for family bathing. The main section is located at the end of Granviale Santa Maria Elisabetta. Numerous bars and restaurants can be found on the beach, while in some parts it is possible to rent sun loungers and umbrellas. On the other hand, Lido di Jesolo and Lignano Sabbiadoro offer many attractions for children – aqua parks, aquariums and amusement parks.


Pescara – relaxation on the Adriatic

Those wanting to enjoy sea and sunbathing should plan their vacation in Abruzzo. This area is famous for its beautiful beaches, many of which are marked with the blue flag of Bandiere Verdi, meaning clean, safe and family-friendly places. North of Pescara, you can find cities-resorts called “seven sisters” or “seven pearls of the Adriatic”, which attract with their wide, sandy beaches that gently descend to the sea and good tourist infrastructure.

Calabria tempting with nature

Lamezia, located next to the Tyrrhenian Sea in the middle of Calabria, is a great starting point for trips to nearby towns and national parks. Sila National Park, covering an area of over 700 km2, offers various ecological and walking routes, such as aromatic herb or geological trails. In the park, you can ride on a bike and horse, or get on a roller coaster. It is also worth visiting the Open Farm in Sila, where children will be able to observe animals and work, e.g. making cheese.