An increasing number of people decide to go on an active and exciting holiday spent on practicing their favourite sport. However, in order to be able to enjoy cycling trips, remember firstly to properly prepare your equipment for the flight.

Undoubtedly, the choice of the destination is the most important thing, which later will allow you to carefully read the offer of carriers operating on a given route. It is worth bearing in mind that each airline has its own policy regarding transporting bicycles. Most known and reputable companies allow their transportation, with the price depending mainly on the type of connection. There can be distinguished national, international and intercontinental flights. For example, for the carriage of a bicycle via our national carrier, you must pay fees in the amount of PLN 100, 250 or 450, respectively. In addition, you must remember to inform the airline in advance. The required time limits can usually be found on the relevant websites in the specified baggage tab.


When the formalities are already taken care of, you should pay attention to the right preparation of the equipment for the flight. Here, we would also suggest following the requirements of a particular airline. Some carriers have specific demands in this matter – they may require putting a bike in a suitably fitted cardboard box or placing it in a special (dedicated to such content) travel bag. The bike can also be secured by placing it in a special suitcase, often referred to as a “chest”. The final choice of the packaging often depends on the budget that can be devoted to this purpose. Usually, the more money spent on securing the bike, the greater the degree of its protection. Moreover, the chest, although the most expensive, allows you to pack additional accessories such as a helmet, shoes or cycling clothing. There are also companies that rent similar suitcases, which we would definitely suggest considering, especially when you do not travel like this often.


Regardless of the packaging method, the bike must be properly disassembled. Sometimes it will be sufficient to detach the front wheel and turn the handlebar by 90 degrees, but usually the passenger has to put in extra effort to disassemble the equipment. In order to do that, you can use the bicycle shed and tools available at P2 parking at Kraków Airport. It is there that travelers can do the above-mentioned activities in comfortable conditions, without disturbing announcements and terminal hustle and bustle. Then, the only thing left is to go to check-in counter to mark the packages and turn them in at a specially prepared counter of oversized luggage (check-in 19).
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