From July 1, 2020, Ryanair resumed flights on almost 200 routes from and to Poland. Ticket prices start from PLN 89. The latest available destinations are presented on the carrier’s website. It is worth checking the tab on – Where can I go? – with information regarding travel restrictions and recommendations that change on a daily basis.

Easy change of plans: Ryanair has waived flight change fees for all new travel reservations in July and August. This means that you can change the date, time and even your destination, which gives you full flexibility and peace of mind. By paying the difference in the fare, you can transfer your flight to any date before December 31, 2020.

The highest security standards

The new security principles include elements such as:

  • Mandatory masks – Passengers are required to wear masks/cover their nose and mouth both at the airport terminal and on board. The flight crew also wear face masks when boarding and landing.
  • Temperature measurement – all passengers at the airport will be subjected to temperature measurement before passing the security check.
  • Pre-flight check-in and boarding passes – passengers should check-in online using the Ryanair app and save their mobile boarding pass on their phone. It is also recommended to purchase the Priority boarding.
  • HEPA filters – are designed to remove over 99% of airborne microbes from the cabin, including SARs-CoV-2 droplets.
  • Self-service – self-service bag-drop points are located at all airports where the service is available. Passengers should also scan their boarding pass themselves before boarding.
  • Fast Track and Priority Boarding – the fast track service allows you to reduce the time spent in the queue for security checks, while priority boarding limits the time you interact with other passengers.
  • Keep your distance – in the queue at the gate, during the boarding process, on jet bridges and staircases.
  • Cashless payments – only card payments will be accepted, both for shopping on board and additional charges at the airport.
  • Limited on-board service – during the flight, only separately packaged meals and drinks are offered, and the Ryanair on-board magazine is only available in the mobile application.


Keep Europe Flying And Healthy