The AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków is one of the best Polish technical universities. Established in 1913 by decree of Emperor Franz Joseph I, it quickly gained a reputation that began to extend far beyond the city’s borders. Today, AGH attracts the attention of students from all over the world with a programme that is attractive and adapted to modern expectations.

There are currently around 300 international students participating in the University’s full education cycle. At the time of writing, enrolment for the 2022/2023 academic year was coming to an end, and the University expects around 200 more international students to join once it has finished. And that’s not all. As part of student exchange programmes in the winter semester, around 250 more foreigners will study at the AGH UST in this mode. This brings the total number of international students to approximately 750 in the coming semester and shows that Kraków is becoming an increasingly interesting place to develop one’s passions and skills. – The knowledge imparted at the AGH UST is, above all, practical, and the passion with which scientists create innovative solutions and the enthusiasm of young people involved in many ambitious projects are a source of great admiration – the University informs. It aims not only to impart valuable knowledge, but also to prepare students for professional success. The University surveys its graduates up to six months after graduation to gain an understanding of their performance in the labour market. This allows it to tailor the study programme to the needs of a dynamically changing world.

Modern programme

 What can you study at the University if you are from outside Poland?

– International students can apply for all courses at the AGH UST, including those in Polish, if they can confirm their knowledge of the language. They are available on a fee-paying basis (unless they are exempted from this fee based on the Act on Higher Education). For those who speak English, we have a rich offer of majors in this language: three in first-cycle studies and as many as 17 specialisations in second-cycle studies – states Natalia Bujak from the AGH UST Press Office.

The list of majors is long and includes attractive fields. These include Automation and Robotics (2nd degree), Electrical Engineering (1st and 2nd degree), Computer Science and Intelligent Systems (2nd degree), Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (1st degree), Mechatronic Engineering (1st and 2nd degree), Chemical Technology (2nd degree), Mining Engineering (2nd degree), Metallurgy (2nd degree), Geophysics (2nd degree), Applied Geology (2nd degree), Materials Engineering (2nd degree), Modern Materials Design and Application (2nd degree), Petroleum and Gas Engineering (2nd degree), Management (2nd degree), Power Engineering (2nd degree), Renewable Energy and Energy Management (2nd degree). International students can also study at the Cracow Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (KISD), which consists of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the AGH University of Science and Technology departments. Studying there prepares students for doctoral degrees conducted in the following disciplines: physical sciences, chemical sciences, medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, materials engineering, environmental engineering, mining and energy. The studies last six to eight semesters and end with submitting a doctoral thesis. This is carried out through implementation of an individual research programme and an individual study programme. Those from the Member States of the European Union or the Schengen area may cross the border based on a valid identity document, e.g. passport or identity card. Those coming from outside the European Union Member States or the Schengen area should hold a visa entitling them to enter the territory of Poland. The visa can be obtained at the Polish Consulate in the country of origin based on the decision on admission to study at the doctoral school.

The international university of the future

 What are the University’s plans for the future? The AGH UST is working hard to expand its offer for international students to become an even more global university. – A natural consequence of this approach is that we want to increase the number of international students at the AGH UST, expand the offer of studies in English or improve the University’s communication with our foreign candidates, says Natalia Bujak from the AGH UST. The University is working on adapting to the changing needs of candidates in terms of communication methods as well as the educational offer. International agreements are being developed, giving students more opportunities to obtain double degrees. A Welcome to AGH UST app has also been developed for all international students and applicants to the AGH University of Science and Technology. It makes it easier to navigate the University’s modern campus and to obtain all the necessary information. University staff also receive regular training in intercultural competence and continue to develop their language skills.