When planning a trip to Małopolska, it is worth following… water. This region treasures underneath the ground precious mineral waters.

The Pieniny, Beskid Sądecki and Beskid Niski attract not only hikers and mountain bikers. These exceptional regions are visited by all of those who seek peace and quiet, since they can find springs of extraordinary waters that guarantee the great health and wellbeing here.

Acidulous water from Szczawnica – 200 years of tradition

Szczawnica, located on the border of the Pieniny and Beskid Sądecki, is a paradise not only for health resort visitors but also for athletes. After all, Szczewnica is considered the cradle of Polish whitewater kayaking. One can also find here Palenica ski station with interesting trails and a centre of mountain and cycle tourism. Nevertheless, it is the almost 200-year-old health resort that attracts the biggest number of tourists – as it is an ideal place for people who want to recover strength, due to a great microclimate that does wonders to health and the upper respiratory tract.
Cyclist returning from the Pieniny to Red Monastery or sightseers who climbed the Three Crowns, can regenerate at one of the twelve mineral springs containing acidulous water (water containing more than 1000 mg/dm³ of free carbon dioxide). This kind of water has a beneficial influence on muscles and joints, as well as bone structure. Moreover, it strengthens concentration and has a positive impact on the central nervous system – a perfect complement to a good holiday, especially with today’s lifestyle. At Dietla 1 Square in Szczwnica, it is worth visiting a beautifully restored and picturesque “Dom nad Zdrojami” (“House at Spa”) where you can find a pump room.

Krynica Zdrój – a land of mineral waters

The reference to healing properties of waters from Krynica was already made in the first half of the 18th century. However, a rapid development of the health resort in Krynica at the turn of the 20th century took place thanks to prof. Józef Dietl. Today, tourists from Poland and all around the world come to Krynica to drink water from Zuber spring, which is considered the strongest healing water in Europe.
The health resort provides a thorough biological renewal, possible due to mineral-carbonic acid baths that not only cure, but also make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Moreover, Krynica has a lot to offer to tourists who crave for sporting challenges (the city is one of the biggest Polish winter sports centres) and artistic exultations – it is here where the famous Polish naïve painter Nikifor worked, therefore, it is worth visiting a museum devoted to him and his works – which itself is considered one of many famous architectural monuments in Krynica.

Wysowa Zdrój – 14 springs of mineral waters surrounded by beautiful landscape

Wysowa-Zdrój is a picturesquely located, quiet town next to Slovakia border. When in Wysowa, one must take advantage of the offer of its famous health-resort, whose springs of bicarbonate-chloride-sodium or bicarbonate-sodium-calcareous acidulous water are also used for mineral baths and massages. Those, for whom spa treatment is not enough, may take advantage of the rich tourist offer of the town.
Stud farms (e.g. of the huculs) offer horse rides through striking bridle paths in the Beskids, whereas the youngest tourists can spend a fantastic time at the Aqua Park. Wysowa is also a great starting point for excursion through the Wooden Architecture Route or taking the Craft Trail to Nowica, a town inhabited mainly by the Lemkos.