Discover the places you must visit to taste traditional Swedish cuisine. We present a guide for every budget! Although very simple, Swedish cuisine is refined. Probably because the tables are dominated mainly by fish and seafood. Swedes know dozens of ways to prepare crayfish, prawns, salmon and herring. There are also warming dishes – fish soups or the iconic meatballs, dishes made of reindeer meat or fried potatoes with bacon and onion.

The capital of Sweden is famous for its fine dining restaurants, but there are also many more affordable places with an equally tasty offer. Stockholm is rich in numerous gastronomic and market halls, street food and atmospheric pubs and cafés.

Kvarnen restaurant in Södermalm

“Kvarnen”, or “mill” in Swedish, is a traditional restaurant and pub established in the 19th century. It is located in a fairly pleasant location – Södermalm, a former working-class district, now mainly inhabited by artists and people associated with the creative industry. The restaurant is always buzzing, not only because it offers tasty Swedish cuisine at affordable prices. Many guests are fans of the writer Stieg Larsson and the “Millennium” saga. They come there to feel the atmosphere of the places described in the book, as it was Kvarnen restaurant that Evil Fingers visited in the evenings. Blomkvist himself was also a frequent visitor there.

Hötorgshallen market hall

It is a true culinary paradise located in the underground hall at Hötorget – a market square in the centre of Stockholm. Visitors experience here a culinary journey around the world, easily finding flavours from all continents. Gourmets can also enjoy the delicacies of Swedish cuisine. You must try a shrimp sandwich and a glass of white wine or a warming fish soup – Fisksoppa. It is a light broth with pieces of fish, clams and shrimps, with the addition of garlic mayonnaise and crisp bread. A place famous for this soup is the Kajsas Fisk fish restaurant, which you can easily find in Hötorgshallen.

Ostermalms Saluhall

A market hall for a more luxurious gourmet. Here you will find the best selection of fish, seafood, cheese, cold cuts and other delicacies. The extensive wine list also deserves attention. There are only 17 stands in the hall, and many of them are family bars with long traditions. Food is brought to the tables by waiters, and the vendors are very happy to chat about the delicacies served.

Nystekt Strömming

This inconspicuous food truck near the Slussen metro station is one of the most important points on the culinary map of Stockholm. A street booth that serves delicacies, on a paper tray, with fired herring in the lead role – hot or cold in vinegar. All of that topped with a roll and salad. The real quintessence of street food!


Also known as the King’s Garden. It is one of the oldest and most popular parks in Stockholm, surrounded by numerous cafés and restaurants. Its most elegant part is undoubtedly Operakällaren, a restaurant awarded with the Michelin star. In spring, the park hosts one of the largest food festivals in the world – A Taste of Stockholm – which is available to the less affluent food lovers. In winter, an ice rink with free admission is opened there. You will certainly find stands with warming food and drinks nearby.


Stockholm is certainly a multicultural city, a fact also reflected in the city’s culinary map. An example of a place famous for its cuisine is K25 at Kungsgatan – a food court hidden in a pillar of a viaduct. In addition to typical Swedish puree meatballs, you will find here restaurants of sushi, ramen and pho, as well as dishes typical for Mexican or Middle Eastern cuisine. K25 is especially crowded at lunchtime.


Stockholm for vegans and vegetarians

Each year there are more and more restaurants in the capital of Sweden designed for lovers of plant-based and meatless cuisine. You should easily find places where vegan and vegetarian breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served. The most interesting is Mahalo restaurant, which offers salads, smoothie bowls or Legumes, where you can eat dinner.

Good to know
Good to know

Typical Swedish breakfast

Swedes' breakfast does not differ much from ours. The tables are dominated by bread and side dishes: cheese, ham, pastes, eggs, tomatoes. Plus yoghurt, for example together with muesli or porridge. Black coffee is mandatory. Interestingly, breakfast is a very important meal for Swedes and they almost always celebrate it at the same table with their loved ones.

A controversial snack

We are talking about Surströmming, i.e. fermented herring in brine. This delicacy is primarily famous for its intense aroma, which is considered one of the most repulsive smells in the world. Many airlines prohibit bringing a Surströmming can on board in their regulations due to the risk of accidental opening.


Swedes love coffee to such an extent that it has become an important part of their culture. Drinking it has become a social ritual, and the slogan "Fika" means a break, abandoning everyday or professional duties, and meeting over a cup of coffee. It is often served with sweets, such as the popular cinnamon rolls.