Packing cubes are the removable bags, coming in sizes S and M, with zipper or hook-and-loop closure. With them you don’t need to take out all your stuff from the luggage when looking for a single item, just simply take out the single cube. Packing cubes are available in different colours and the included netting allows to see what’s inside.


Digital luggage scale will save you from additional charges and leaving your souvenirs in a hotel room. By weighing your backpack while packing you can control if the luggage allowance is exceeded. The actual weight is displayed on a LCD screen, either on kilograms or in pounds, with 50 g (0,11 pound) accuracy.


  • Check your airline website before the flight to learn what is not permitted in the luggage and what should be packed in the carry-on luggage (e.g. documents, medicines).
  • Liquids, gels and sprays in 100 ml containers must fit into a transparent bag and do not exceed 1 liter in total. The bag must be easy to close.
  • Only one bag with liquids is allowed per passenger.
  • Bicycles, skis, music instruments, backpacks with loose or protruding elements and wheelchairs are considered oversized luggage and the rules of their transport must be checked with the airline.
  • More information about the luggage you can find here