Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro

A sport watch, or outdoor watch as they call it, is an essential gadget which makes getting around and navigation in the mountains much easier. Suuntos solution consists of 80 programmes facilitating different sports activities. On a hike, the device enables you to control the altitude read-out, will alert you when the weather changes may occur, and thanks to the function that allows it to sync with and Movescount Mobile App, you can easily plan even the longest trip.
Additionally, the watch constantly keeps track of your activity, so you can access your results in order to assess them and compare with your following performance. A huge advantage of the watch is its durability. The glass of the watch is made of mineral crystal, a material resistant to any scratches or mechanical damage. It is not only a great gadget but also an invaluable support for trekkers. In case of going off the trail, the installed GPS tracking will help you find the right route and get back on track.

Petzl Actic headlamp

Trekking lovers will certainly appreciate a compact headlamp of 300-lumen brightness which can light a route at night without trouble. It is equipped with two diodes emitting several light patterns, featuring a mixed beam, which facilitates various activities on the trail. The headlight will be firmly set on your head due to its adjustable headband.
For safety reasons and better visibility, the headband is provided with some reflective elements as well as a whistle and a red diode which may come in useful in case of an emergency. The powering solution of the headlamp is highly convenient too. You can replace normal batteries with the Petzl Core battery, which considerably prolongs device performance.

Power Bank SAMSUNG 11300 mAh EB

While hiking in the mountains, a power bank is a perfect source of alternative energy which can supply your mobile devices with energy in case of limited access to electricity. The efficient battery with the capacity of 11 300 mAh can charge your phone, camera or other USB input devices.
According to the producer, the possibility of plugging as many as two devices at the same time. In addition, flashing LED diodes indicate the remaining charge level of your power bank. Elegant design and utilitarian functionality will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users.